Social networking is so much if you have close pals and you want to stay connected with them no matter what. There is a galore of sites and applications that helps you connect with people all over the world in a matter of few seconds. Well, honestly if I talk about myself I prefer WhatsApp over FB and other sites any day because of the ease factor. Ever since I have been using WhatsApp, Facebook and other such sites looks less appealing and more time consuming to me. I literally go crazy about how simple life has become with WhatsApp as we can quickly share pictures, videos, messages which was a tough job earlier.whatsapp_dw7f8f_3528844b-large_transpjliwavx4cowfcaekesb3kvxit-lggwcwqwla_rxju8

For me, WhatsApp is one such social networking app I can’t imagine my life without; when I say it I mean each and every word I have just written. I need a daily dosage of WhatsApp just like food, and I am sure if you are addicted to it the same would be your case too. I love updating my profile picture every now and then and status update is one important factor to make people scroll over our profile with an urge to see what we are upto. Today, I would like to introduce you to a website called which serves as a saviour while you struggle in finding the best new status for your WhatsApp profile. Keep reading to know more about them-

About – whatsstatus.comΒ is a collection of best, top rated status, we have ever found and placed them in one website for you! You can use these status on your profiles on Facebook, WhatsApp, Myspace and other social sites, that will make your profile really stand out and score Likes!androidpit-whatsapp-heroThis website is updated daily with new statuses and you would be amazed to know that they have got WhatsApp status quotes of over 60+ categories that simplifies they have a unique status for your every mood πŸ™‚ . You can even contribute unique statuses to their site and get paid for the same if they find it genuine and approve it, they have a hundreds of writers who get paid for adding unique statuses to their database. This website has just become my go-to website for times I am having trouble finding new whatsapp status. Have you heard of it before? Don’t forget to check it out πŸ™‚ .

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