DND quirky hip flask

How many times have you been asked about unique and funky products you’ve kept in your house or the products you carry along when you step out? Many times! Isn’t it? We all love buying things that are fun and cool to look at, and make us happy with their presence in our lives 🙂 . We all have basic coffee mugs at home but when some cool mug catches our eye, don’t we just buy it right away? That’s the hunger we all have for quirky products as they ultimately reflect our personality and liking 🙂 .

Today’s post is going to be about an all-new online shopping destination for quirky products that are sure to catch every visitors eye 😉 . It’s a new online startup which features unique and wonderful products from several categories. Are you excited to know about it? Ahan! Great. I love to raise people’s curiosity levels 😛 .

Guys! it’s Staybuzzy. Staybuzzy is a shopping platform that stocks (and of course sells 😛 ) funky and crazy products that are sure to lure eyes that glances at them. Don’t we just go to restaurants and get impressed with those coasters they place, the mugs they serve drinks in, the cushions they keep, the lamps they put. I go head over heels with such places I tell you and ultimately I end up revisiting them to satiate my thirst of quirkiness.

About- ‘Staybuzzy’ is a flashy online market place and is dedicated to provide you with things you never wondered of! We believe in the power of Indian artist and brands to meet up the Indian customer requirements and rejuvenate the kitsch and pop culture in India with our vast variety of eye-catching, trendy products. Our motto is to provide mass visibility of unique Indian Brands/artists to the world and provide a great deal of encouragement to the Indian merchandisers as well.

I don’t really mean to boast about them, but honestly they have some real cool stuff for sale which you’re sure to be mesmerized with. The navigation is pretty simple and since they have made separate categories like home, kitchen, quirky market, women, men and tech accessories with several sub-categories it becomes easy for shoppers to find products they wish to buy easily without having to waste time in shuffling pages.

Here are some of my most loved products from Staybuzzy (it was very tough to pick these few, my eyes popped for almost everything they saw there 😛 )-big1-1759226-1


If you are looking for some cushion covers for living area to grab everyone’s attention, don’t forget to check out their Cushion cover section. They even have some super cool bollywood theme based coasters and fridge magnets 🙂 Their hipflasks collection is to die for, the quirky prints are just uhh-mazing!

There are times when we find such cool products at a friend’s or relative’s place and look for the exact same thing in market for hours and hours and all goes in vain. Staybuzzy makes you happy here with the vast range of quirky products online. Now, you can simply buy those cool products with a tap of your finger, there are several payment modes for you to choose from. If you are a non-user of plastic money, you can pay for your order via bank transfer too. Amazing! Isn’t it? For those who love saving while shopping, can sign up on their portal and that’s their ticket to discount as promotional offers are inboxed every few days. They offer hassle free returns and refunds in case you are not happy with your order. There is hell lot to discover on Staybuzzy, you’ll definitely end up buying double-triple of what you thought to before heading to their website. Happy Shopping people! 🙂