livon silky potion

Having dull and frizzy hair is a big concern for me, I always try ways to make my hair look manageable using serums and conditioners. I have previously reviewed Livon Moroccan Silk Serum on the blog, and today I am reviewing a serum that almost everybody would have used at least once in their life. Read on to know more about it-ReviewwaliLivonSerum001Price- INR 115/- for 50mlReviewwaliLivonSerum002About- ​Be it a last-minute date, an office meeting or a day-out with your girlfriends, leaving your hair open adds to your style. Livon Silky Potion is a hair serum that puts an end to tangled, dry and unmanageable hair. It promises protection of hair cuticle with its unique ‘Cutisoft™’ Formula. The CutiSoft™ Formula softens the cuticle by forming a coat on the hair strand and sealing in the moisture with a layer of protection giving you silky, smooth and manageable hair. Enriched with Vitamin E, Livon Silky Potion smoothens and softens your hair so you can let your hair down anytime and anywhere.ReviewwaliLivonSerum003Steps to use Livon silky potion-

1. Use on towel dried or dry hair.
2. Start with two drops of Livon serum and rub it in your palms. It’s better to start with a lesser quantity. You can always use more if required.
3. Apply it on your hair from mid-length to the ends using your fingers to detangle. Start from back and work towards the front.ReviewwaliLivonSerum004My Take on Livon Silky Potion- I still remember this is the first ever serum I used in my life and that too from mumma’s kitty. Livon Silky potion comes in a dark pink outer pack and then in a very simple plastic bottle packaging, so I can carry it in a carefree way. It has a pink colored cap with flip opening. The potion is transparent in color, and has a very silky texture. It has a mild sweet scent. Few drops of it and I am good to go, it instantly adds shine to my hair and give me soft and silky hair. One needs to be alert while pouring the drops on palm because if you take more than required, chances are your hair will look oily than shiny.ReviewwaliLivonSerum006It works well to make hair look manageable. Basically it is instructed to use it on damp hair to make them frizz-free and manageable, but I use it otherwise also. I would like to jot down that it works much better on damp hair than dried hair. While your hair is damp, you will require less quantity also. Make sure you don’t apply it on scalp, its not suggested to put in there directly. My mommy has got knee length hair and she is using it since more than a decade already.  ReviewwaliLivonSerum007ReviewwaliLivonSerum008What I like about Livon Silky Potion-

  1. Budget friendly
  2. Travel friendly
  3. Contains Vitamin E
  4. Controls frizz
  5. Makes hair manageable
  6. Available in various sizes
  7. Detangling is made easy
  8. Give instant shine to hair
  9. Even a small bottle lasts fairly long.

What I don’t like about Livon Silky Potion-

  1. Gives sticky kind of feeling
  2. Need to keep a watch on quantity coming out of bottle, applying more quantity may result in a bad hair day!

I am sure all of your would have used it in your life at least once. By the way, which is the hair serum you swear by? Do share with me in the comments below. 🙂