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The status of your skin is something you may not think about until it is seemingly too late. You may just assume it will stay soft and supple for many years to come. While that might be true, there eventually comes a time in everyone’s life when skin deterioration starts.

It can be due to any number of factors from poor eating habits to natural hormone reductions. Outside forces like sun exposure also play major roles in the process. But, whatever the causes, you can improve the status of your skin and get some of its youthful properties back using one or more of the amazing treatments provided by today’s skincare industry 🙂 –

1. Skin Rejuvenation Using Mild Forms of Light- When you think of light therapies to treat skin conditions, lasers probably come to mind. However, if your skin problems are still relatively mild, other forms of light therapy may be more appropriate for you. For example, intense pulsed light (IPL) is a safe and effective form of acne scar treatment.

It is also helpful for treating some other skin conditions and can be used to provide general skin strengthening over time by getting your body to create extra collagen, which is one of the agents that helps keep skin tight and stretchy2. When Repairing Your Skin with Lasers May be Better- IPL and other forms of light therapy are mild treatment methods that can take a while to produce results. They also are primarily effective at treating skin problems that are caught quite early before they develop to a moderate stage. If you are at the point where your skin issues are considered moderate, cosmetics-lasers may be more effective at assisting you.

There are several types of laser procedures designed to treat many different skin problems. Non-ablative lasers are among the most popular because they can help you attain overall healthier skin over a period of time. The changes the laser beam heat and light make to your skin cells are perceived by your body in a certain way.

As a result, your body starts trying to repair itself. While repairing new damage from the lasers by producing extra substances for skin health, such as collagen, the skin is also made generally stronger. Over time, that means older damage is repaired and collagen bonds are strengthened, so new damage is easier to delay or prevent.3. Lasers and Other Peels for Stronger and More Immediate Results- Another type of laser is called an ablative laser. The term “ablative” refers to a laser device that has an affect on the top layer of skin, also known as the epidermis. However, ablative lasers can also treat lower skin layers in the process.

Nevertheless, one of the most popular forms of ablative laser treatment is a laser peel, which mainly focuses on rejuvenating the surface of your skin.The machine does that by getting rid of anything on the surface that should not be there. That includes materials clogging your pores, dead skin cells and other foreign materials.

As an alternative to a laser peel, you can undergo another peel procedure. Two of the most popular are microdermabrasion and chemical peels. All of those procedures are meant to make the top layer or top few layers of your skin as healthy as possible.

In the case of a chemical peel, the exact chemicals used will determine how many skin layers are affected. There are also many other skin rejuvenation techniques to pick from. Your clinician can describe them all for you and help you make a choice.