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When you first shop for a vintage Rolex watch it can be daunting. Knowing the amount of fakes on the market as it is, it pays to know what to consider before you part with your money. Sellers are getting cleverer these days so it’s always good to know the key factors you should consider when looking into vintage Rolexes.Cool-Rolex-Watch-WallpaperFirstly, an obvious but sometimes overlooked factor is going to a reputable retailer that has been established for a long time. For example, you can find some awesome vintage Rolex watches at . Ever since 1986, Kalmar Antiques have been selling antique jewellery from a range of designers and much-loved periods in history.

So when hunting for your dream vintage Rolex, it’s good to build up a checklist that provides some key facts into what makes this brand as a vintage piece, authentic. Even just a basic knowledge will be better than going in blind and hoping to find the perfect match 🙂 .2015-gold-rolex-watch1. When looking at the Dial, remember these following points:
-Is it authentic and is it unique to the watch?

-Are there any small defects or is it still in good condition?

-Conduct a careful inspection if possible. It can bring about issues if you go about this the wrong way so make sure you’re extremely careful when handling the Rolex. First it’s good to check the writing on the dial and compare this to official photos on trusted websites or reputable books.

-Check the font of the Rolex logo itself. Going back to basics is really the best thing here and checking if it has been applied properly or by other methods will give you a good idea of the authenticity of the watch.

2. Be confident with how the original should look. After doing your research to find out which model you prefer, come to know what the real deal is supposed to look like. Looking at a guide will give you a great idea of how an authentic vintage Rolex should look. The great thing about this guide is that it also gives you a high resolution image of what popular fakes are on the market and therefore what visual signs you need to be aware of.

3. Know how old the Dial is. There may have been spares involved in keeping the Rolex in working condition. It’s good to be aware that service parts can often be replaced and exchanged as the years go by. Even though these are official parts they still decrease the overall value of the watch. This means it’s also important to ask the seller if the dial is also from the correct period.

 4. Know beforehand what engravings to look for. There are plenty of engravings on a true Rolex watch which makes it easier for you to spot an authentic timepiece. They tell a great deal of information such as when the watch was made and whether the parts are original or not. It helps to bear in mind the following three things when looking at engravings:

-Check the numbers in the middle of the lugs (The figures or reference number will let you know which model and enable you to find the exact same watches you can compare the one you’re going to buy with).

-Check the crown and back of the case for more information.

-The bracelet itself should tell more of the story.Rolex-Watches-HD-Images-3Bearing these points in mind before purchasing your vintage Rolex watch can give you a better chance of buying the perfect one first time round 🙂 .

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