kara make up removal wipes

Makeup-removal is probably the most boring task ever!  Putting it on is exciting but cleaning it off kills me 🙁 , its time-taking and requires proper cleansing before going off to sleep to keep skin healthy. If you are not wiping-off your makeup before going to bed, you are destroying your skin with premature aging. People use oils, cleansing milk, cleansing creams, Micellar water and other DIY stuff, there are some makeup removal wipes available in market too which are less messy than other options. Recently I picked up Kara Make-up Removal Wipes (pack of 25 wipes) to see how effective they are at removing makeup. Keep reading to know if they are worth it or not 🙂 –reviewwalikaramakeupwipes001Price- INR 145 for 25 wipesreviewwalikaramakeupwipes002About- Use Kara Make up removal wipes because wiping off make-up should take lesser time than putting it on. Carrying a make-up kit is inconvenient enough, So why carry a make-up removal kit when you have Kara Make-up Removal Wipes. When it comes to getting rid of that layer of make-up on your skin, Kara Make-up Removal wipes are the best solution. Enriched with extracts of Lavender & Seaweed, the wipe exfoliates and protects in a uniquely natural way.These wipes ensure that the skin gets its nourishment and moisture while the make-up is being removed.reviewwalikaramakeupwipes003Ingredients-reviewwalikaramakeupwipes004My take on Kara Makeup Removal Wipes- These are basically available in 2 sizes (10 wipes, 25 wipes) , it comes in green colored packet with white resealable opening. Important details regarding ingredients, instructions and manufacturing are mentioned on the back of the pack. It comes with the goodness of lavender and seaweed extracts which helps in purifying and nourishing skin. Usually makeup removers and wipes cause skin redness and irritation, but Kara Make-up Removal Wipes didn’t cause any of them. It can clean all kind of makeup effectively including waterproof and gel-based stuff, the time taken to wipe-off the dirt and impurities is also less as it works very effectively thus you don’t need to keep rubbing it all over again and again. Kara Makeup Removal Wipes remove lipsticks and eyeshadows quickly, but they are not very good at cleaning off mascara and foundations. These makeup removal wipes give refreshing feeling and since they are scented, they leave a lovely fragrance on skin. Its not always possible to carry a bulky makeup remover bottle and cotton pads/rounds but you can keep a small packet of Kara Make-up Removal Wipes in your bag all the time.reviewwalikaramakeupwipes005I picked the 25 wipes packet as it was a value pack, but I regret picking it as with frequent opening the adhesive lost its strength and couldn’t lock-in the moisture. By the time I reached the end, I was sad to find that the wipes left have dried up 🙁 . It contains lots of parabens, so it’s not your thing if you avoid products with parabens. Doesn’t matter how clean your skin looks post makeup removal, you should always follow it up with a facial cleanser. Even when the makeup is wiped off completely through wipes, the traces of it are still left on skin which is not good.

Below are some makeup swatches that includes matte lipstick, liquid lipstick, glossy lipstick, gel liner. You can see how nicely it wiped off makeup in a single swipe. In 3-4 swipes, it was all gone 🙂 .

reviewwalikaramakeupwipes006Do you use makeup removal wipes? Have you used this one from Kara?

Have a great day ahead! 🙂