kallos rose scrub

Our dear Indian brand “Halidram’s” which is renowned for sweets and snacks has recently entered beauty segment, isn’t that amazing 🙂 ?  Their beauty products are available under their new brand name “Kallos” , Kallos is a greek word which means beauty. Today, I am reviewing their Rose and Honey Nourishing Face Scrub, keep reading to know how it fared 🙂 –ReviewwaliKallosRoseScrub001Price- INR 80 for 60 gm

About- Kallos rose & honey scrub is a creamy exfoliant with extra fine scrub particles, that will remove dirt & surface oil build up. It takes out dead skin cells that can clog pores. Enjoy your skin mega clean, soft & refreshed.ReviewwaliKallosRoseScrub002Ingredients-ReviewwaliKallosRoseScrub003My Take on Kallos Rose and Honey Nourishing Face Scrub- The packaging is kept pretty simple; it comes in white colored inverted tube with a white flip-cap top. Various details regarding product information, ingredients, usage directions and price are mentioned on the back of the tube and crimp. It’s a small sized tube which comes very handy, love how it fits in my handbag for quick dead-skin exfoliation. ReviewwaliKallosRoseScrub004Let me admit !! It smells uhhh-mazing!!! Feels like I am taking a walk in a garden full of fresh roses 🙂 . The fragrance is extremely refreshing and rose-lovers are sure to go mad over it.  It has white colored texture with tiny white and pink colored exfoliating beads. The texture is very creamy and thick in nature but that doesn’t create any kind of problem in spreading and rubbing it all over the face. It spreads easily on wet face, the tiny beads are not as many as what we get in other scrubs but they do the job effectively. I use it twice a week to get rid of dry skin and dead skin that I usually get around my nose and mouth and I am amazed to see that it does a great job. ReviewwaliKallosRoseScrub005It goes gentle on skin as the scrubbing particles aren’t harsh, my skin never hurts when I am using it. I scrub my skin with it for some 2 minutes and wash off with cold water, love how it leaves my skin soft, smooth and kinda moisturized. Since, the weather is quite chilly at the moment I can’t skip moisturizing my face after using it but for summers I am sure post-moisturization will not be required 🙂 .ReviewwaliKallosRoseScrub006I think dry-skinned people will like it more because of the creaminess in this scrub. For those who are very careful about what goes in their products and avoid chemicals in their products especially parabens, will have to give it a miss as it contains them.

Here’s a swatch-ReviewwaliKallosRoseScrub007

*PR Sample