kallos apple cedar scrub

If you follow my posts regularly, you must know that I have reviewed few products from Kallos (Which is Haldiram’s beauty brand) already. Few of their products are really good. Today, I am reviewing Kallos Apple Cedar Exfoliating Face Scrub, keep reading to know how it fared on me 🙂 –ReviewwaliKallosAppleScrub001Price- INR 75/- for 60 gmReviewwaliKallosAppleScrub002About- Apple extract has an effective anti ageing, anti acne & brightening effect on the skin layer. Cedar oil has a sedating & toning ability that is great for oily skin.

Ingredients-ReviewwaliKallosAppleScrub004My Take on Kallos Apple Cedar Exfoliating Face Scrub- The packaging is kept pretty simple; it comes in an inverted tube with a white flip-cap top. Various details regarding product information, ingredients, usage directions and price are mentioned on the back of the tube and crimp. It’s a small sized tube which comes very handy, love how it fits in my handbag for quick dead-skin exfoliation. The cap shuts tightly with a click sound which ensures I can throw it in my bag and don’t have to worry about spillage. Like other Kallos products, this one contains parabens too. The exfoliating beads are on the harsher side if compared to Kallos Rose and Honey nourishing scrub which I have already reviewed on the blog “here”. That was pretty gentle on skin, but this one isn’t and I pretty like it for that. Of course, we don’t want our scrubs to be really harsh but what’s the purpose of scrubbing dead cells with a scrub which is so gentle that it doesn’t really help getting rid of them. It has a faint smell of apple which one can notice only if smelled closely. It is cream-colored and has cream like consistency and texture. The exfoliating beads do a good job at shooing away dead skin cells and clearing off clogged pores. I would suggest using this with light hands considering the harshness of scrubing granules. I don’t need to layer up my face with moisturizer post using this as this is a creamy scrub. Good thing is that it never broke me out 🙂 !ReviewwaliKallosAppleScrub003ReviewwaliKallosAppleScrub005

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