kallos aloe vera

Aloevera plant is considered to be extremely magical as it offers umpteen benefits to all of us. It’s well known for its healing and soothing properties. Today, I am reviewing Kallos Aloevera Gel which I am using currently; I have already reviewed Kallos Rose Scrub and Chandan Ubtan on the blog. Keep reading to know how I found this Aloevera gel 🙂 –ReviewwaliKallosAloeveraGel001Price- INR 70/-ReviewwaliKallosAloeveraGel002About- Filled with the best of nature’s offerings, it is good for-
-Itchy or Flaky skin
-Dry or Tanned skin
-Sensitive or Dull skin
-Hyper Pigmented Skin
-Excess Oily SkinReviewwaliKallosAloeveraGel003Ingredients-ReviewwaliKallosAloeveraGel004My Take on Kallos Aloevera Gel- I’ll start off with the packaging, it comes in white colored inverted squeeze tube with a green screw cap. Tubes are easy to carry around as they are hygienic and come handy while travelling. Various details about product, ingredients, usage instructions manufacturing and expiry dates, price are mentioned on the back of the tube and crimp. I exert little pressure and the gel makes its way through the mouth of tube. The gel is light green and looks like any other aloevera gel available in market. It has herbal kind of fragrance which is mild. ReviewwaliKallosAloeveraGel005For usage, take out sufficient quantity on hand and apply it gently on face or other parts of skin wherever required. It gets absorbed into skin quickly and feels ultra-light 🙂 . I have heard/read it innumerous times that if you are experiencing skin irritation, rashes or redness you can always try aloevera gel to say goodbye to them. I didn’t believe it until I tried it out on my own.ReviewwaliKallosAloeveraGel006If you read my blog regularly, you must be aware that my skin type is dry and I rarely get acne. About a fortnight back, I got some rashes on my left cheek which multiplied as I rubbed, and that in my opinion was the best time to give it a try. I applied it multiple times daily for 3-4 days continuously and VOILA!! It was all gone 🙂 . I was elated that it worked in getting rid of it. Aloevera gel is said to be helpful in fading scars, but I am pretty unsure about this being effective on that part as it didn’t help me fading mine. People with oily skin will love it because of its light texture, and can use it as a moisturizer when cream feels heavy.ReviewwaliKallosAloeveraGel007If you can move your butt, give some pain to your hands, invest few minutes out of your hectic schedule and most importantly deal with the mess in scooping aloevera gel out of the leaves, Hats off to you! 😛 but the DIY aloevera gel will only last for a week (Yes! That’s what a lazy bum like me thinks to avoid making it at home 😛 ). So people, who don’t have time to do go through all that DIY mess and want an effective solution, this can definitely be a good pick 🙂 .ReviewwaliKallosAloeveraGel008