johnson baby oil

Hello! I have read a lot about the benefits of baby oil; many people call it a fantastic moisturizer not only for babies but for adults too. There are umpteen numbers of benefits that a baby oil can offer but we are usually aware of few out of them. We believe it’s made for caring baby’s skin and helps maintaining its softness and suppleness. Today I am reviewing the Johnson’s Baby Oil which is enriched with Vitamin E, I have used the Johnson’s baby shampoo but this is the first time I am using this baby oil on me having grown up, read on to know more-ReviewwaliJohnsonBabyOil001Price- INR 50/- for 50 mlReviewwaliJohnsonBabyOil002About- It’s a silky soft moisturizer for silky soft skin. JOHNSON’S Baby Oil locks in up to ten times more moisture on wet skin than an ordinary lotion can on dry skin, leaving your baby’s skin soft and smooth. This gentle oil is also easy to spread, so it’s ideal for baby massage. (As taken from Nykaa)

Ingredients- Mineral oil, Vitamin E Acetate, FragranceReviewwaliJohnsonBabyOil003My Take on Johnson’s baby oil- This oil comes in a very cutesy plastic bottle packaging with a baby pink colored flip cap. The cap is screwable one which can be unscrewed if the usage is more. It has a very mild fragrance which doesn’t linger for long. Since my skin type is dry, my thirst for moisture is never-ending 😀 . I look up for products that can actually soothe my dry skin and keep it moisturized for a good long time. I stumbled upon this product and found it really good for my skin type. Of course it’s an oil and it looks like an oil only but as you put it on skin it doesn’t go sticky 😀 . 5-6 drops of it are good enough for my full hands. It spread easily and gets absorbed into skin very quickly. I am using it post bath these days on my whole body and I am glad it keeps my skin well moisturized for good 6-7 hours after which I need re-application. The best part I found about this is the non-stickiness which is a big turn off in case of skincare products.

And here comes the beauty hack !!! —
Did you know Baby oil works wonders in clearing off makeup? It is very gentle on skin and removes every bit of makeup from skin effectively. There are many makeup removers in market which are priced differently. Some comes at low price, some at high. But this wonderful oil comes at 1/6th price of the lowest priced good makeup remover in market currently. Makeup remover contains a lot of chemicals whereas this one is made for baby’s skin, so it’s gentle and harsh chemical-free. All you need to do is-

-Take a cotton pad/ball
-Put some baby oil on it
-Swipe the cotton pad/ball over the skin
-You’ll get to see makeup melting, keep rubbing gently until fully cleaned
-Lastly, clear it with a clean cotton pad and wash your face with a face washReviewwaliJohnsonBabyOil004ReviewwaliJohnsonBabyOil005ReviewwaliJohnsonBabyOil006I have used several makeup removers on my own, I love Bioderma Sensibio micellar water to the core, but I have started loving this too. I will keep Bioderma micellar water for those lazy days but for regular makeup removal this can be a wonderful alternative.

Hope you liked this post, what is your preference when it comes to makeup removal? Which is the product you swear by? Do share with me in the comments below 🙂 .