johnson baby cream

Johnson & Johnson products have very soft-scent which enlivens me up in just one whiff, I really find them pure and refreshing. Remember my post on Johnson’s Baby Oil as a beauty hack? If not, check here! It’s a budget thing. Today, I am reviewing a baby cream from their wide range of products; keep reading to know how it fared-ReviewwaliJohsnonsBabyCream001Price- INR 135/- for 100 gmReviewwaliJohsnonsBabyCream003About- Moisturizes baby’s soft skin for 24 hours.
-Rich, creamy formula
-Clinically proven to be gentle and mild for your baby’s skin
-Dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenicReviewwaliJohsnonsBabyCream004We love babies and we understand baby’s delicate skin needs extra moisture to protect it from dryness, so it stays baby soft always. That’s why we have designed JOHNSON’S® baby cream with intensive 24-hour moisture. It’s fast absorbing formula contains rich emollients that help moisturize and preserve skin’s natural softness to protect your baby from chapped knees, rubbed elbows and tender noses.ReviewwaliJohsnonsBabyCream002My Take on Johnson’s Baby Cream- It comes in white colored inverted tube packaging which is very soft, for squeezing out the product you need to exert only a little bit of pressure on it. It is priced quite affordably and available widely online and offline both. This baby cream is white in color and has an amazing fragrance which is very soft and refreshing at the same time. It feels like, I am surrounded with babies when I have it on. Since, it is meant for babies it has light-weight texture which gets absorbed into skin very quickly and doesn’t leave any odd greasy/sticky feeling on skin. The moisture it provides stays on my skin for 4 hours at max post which re-application is required. This cream cannot be used during winters to keep dryness at bay, as it is not moisturizing enough to keep skin soft and healthy in chilly weather. If you have dry skin and you use it during winters at night, I am sure you’ll wake up with dry patches. But! For summers, it’s totally a winner. Its light texture adds required moisture to skin without leaving greasiness/ oiliness on skin surface which many skin creams usually do. It never broke me out, and that’s the reason I have continued its usage.ReviewwaliJohsnonsBabyCream005The only thing I have to wonder about Johnson’s Baby products is that they contain Mineral oil and Parfum. Mineral oil doesn’t suit all and said to clog pores, whereas parfum is a mix of several scents and considered bad too. Don’t know why they put them in baby care products? :OReviewwaliJohsnonsBabyCream006Here’s a swatch-ReviewwaliJohsnonsBabyCream007