Iraya lemongrass soap

I love Iraya! Their products have fared really nice on me in the past and that’s what makes me love them even more. I use chemical based products but the feeling and results of using natural products is totally different. If you know, I have already reviewed Iraya Fruit & Nut Scrub, Iraya Nutrifying Skin Food, Iraya Orange Soap on the blog, today I am reviewing Iraya’s Lemongrass soap. Keep reading to know how it fared 🙂 –reviewwaliirayalemongrass001Price- INR 195/- for 100 gmsreviewwaliirayalemongrass003About- A deodorising soap bar formulated with lemongrass oil, that is popularly used for its invigorating properties and to cleanse oily skin. Perfect to revive & perk up the mood.reviewwaliirayalemongrass002My Take on Iraya Lemongrass Soap- The packaging of this soap is just same as the Orange soap, shrink wrap secured by paper with product details like basic product information, directions, ingredients, price and benefits. I love the way lemongrass smells as it has all that it takes to refreshen me in few seconds. It creates good amount of lather and cleans skin effectively. This soap never left my skin feel slippery post bath, it easily cleared-off with no extra efforts. I used it during the just-gone rainy season, so couldn’t notice dryness. This soap bar broke into pieces every time I went for bath, I could barely use it 4 times 🙁 and it was all messed-up, crumbled into pieces. But that doesn’t mean I hated it, it might have broken because it was lying in my shelf for ages already 😛 . Iraya hand crafted Lemongrass soap is 100% vegetarian and this brand never tests on animals 🙂 . Iraya products may look pricey at once, but they keep running promotions so you can buy during that time 🙂 .reviewwaliirayalemongrass005I wish they worked a little on the packaging, it looks very boring. I was trying to search this product online, but feels like it has gone OOS or maybe they have withdrawn it from their product range. reviewwaliirayalemongrass006 Do you also love handmade soaps? Have you tried anything from Iraya?

Do share! 🙂