beautiful girl removing makeup

Makeup is any girl’s best friend. Natural beauty is everything but makeup helps define features and boosts confidence. Of course, we should prioritize skincare over makeup but to flaunt a “perfect skin” look we need makeup to do the work for us. Wearing right makeup in right manner no doubt is of great importance but it’s equally important to remove the makeup in the right way else it may cause unimaginable harm to your delicate skin. It enhances your beauty but can lead to severe skin issue if not paid attention to the removal part. 7 out of 10 girls put on makeup but don’t wipe it off before hitting the bed which is not at all healthy for the skin. While you go off to sleep, there shouldn’t be even a bit of makeup left on your skin as it puts you at a risk of skin infection.Below we are listing few most important tips to consider while removing makeup-

1. Wet It Right- Wet your cotton and not the face to remove makeup. Once you’ve made the right choice of makeup remover/ cleanser, take a blob of it on your cotton and start cleansing. The cotton once wet can be squeezed to get rid of excess water. One can directly use a cleanser without wetting the cotton too, but the cotton then absorbs the most of it.2. Keep Changing- Don’t use a single cotton wipe/ball to cleanse the whole face. Instead keep changing it, once you have made the most of it! Do not use the dirty side of cotton to cleanse, it will only harm the skin. I often keep used cotton rounds for removing nail enamel. 3. Do It Right- The fashion in which you remove your makeup is very important. DO NOT RUB BUT BE GENTLE. Gently remove the makeup in circular motions. Starting with the center of your temple, cleanse the sides of your forehead to cheeks and neck. Do not forget areas like ears, collarbone etc. Once done with removing all the makeup, it is advisable to wash your face to ensure complete cleaning of your face.Removing makeup keeps you away from pore clogging which otherwise would cause pimples and acne. So don’t be lazy and remove your makeup before you hit the bed this festival and be sure of the flawless glow next morning. Wearing makeup doesn’t harm your skin, but the carefree nature towards makeup removal does! Take care of your skin, it’s going to represent you for a very long time 🙂 .