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Sometimes your days can be so full of various chores, to-dos, places to be, etc. Your schedule is probably even denser during the holiday season. You do not have the time to put some makeup on, let alone to wash your hair every day or two. Still, there is no chance that you would live your house with your hair looking limp and unappealing and nothing less than gorgeous is not an option, you will have to find some solution for a hair blowout to last longer. And ladies, believe us, it can be done. We will share the secrets of full fabulous hair that lasts for an entire week.

1. Make It Right-trending-reverse-shampooingYou would be surprised how longer a blowout would last if you would just wash your hair properly. Before you use shampoo, your hair should be thoroughly wet. If you have long hair, apply conditioner before shampoo, just on the ends to prevent them from drying out. Shampoo only the hair at the scalp, and lather up from roots to ends. Remember to be gentle when shampooing to avoid permanent damage of hair’s cuticle. If you have done everything right, there is no need to rinse and repeat. Just apply the conditioner from the mid-lengths to the ends. Rinse with cold water to seal the cuticle. Blow-dry your hair using a round brush.

2. Scale Back on Styling-
We know that all the ads in magazines are telling you that you should use masks, serums, sprays, and basically, everything there is under the sun, to achieve great-looking hair, but that is not true. Your hair will look amazing for about five minutes after washing before it starts to get limp and flat. The basic formula is that the fewer products you apply on your hair, the longer you will be able to stretch your style.

3. Be Equipped with Proper Products- First, you must use hair products for your own hair type (there is no such thing as for all-hair-types product). Second, you need to stock up with some neat products which will do wonders for your hair. One of them is, of course, dry shampoo. Powder version is the best because it soaks up the excess oil and makes the roots look fresh. Second is bombshell blowout spray which you can find in the wide range of amika hair products. It will give your hair ultimate blowout. We are talking about massive volume and extra texture.

4. Do Not Touch-priyanka-chopra-touching-her-hair (1)Maybe running your fingers through your hair looks sexy and flirty, but in the end it will only lead to volume loss. Also, the more you touch or brush it, the greasier your hair will become, and that is simply not hot. You can use the neat trick of parting your hair an inch or two further to the side to gain some extra volume. Use a comb for that, keep your fingers away.

When there is nothing left to do, consider styling the hair in perfect braids or an elegant up-do. Now repeat the whole process and be fabulous for a week all over again.

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