Friends are life, and BFFs are lifeline, don’t you all agree? You can’t be as open as you are with a best friend if compared to a regular friend. For a person as particular as me, friendship is not about numbers but about quality. I don’t have “n” number of friends but those who I have are the best of the lot for sure 😛 .Today, I will be sharing my friendship tale with my only girl-friend and how our friendship blossomed from just being strangers 🙂 .14463268_1212744178786498_312447182018612847_n

Laveena, yeah! That’s her name. I still remember the first day I saw her, never knew we’ll be buddies for lifetime. It was one fine day when I went for a job interview and I was waiting for my name to be called when I saw her talking over phone with a client. Luckily, I was offered the job the very same day and I joined up the same firm she was working in already. We were in different departments but we gelled up pretty quick and started hanging out and sharing our office frustrations(how good it feels to throw out the tension in front of a like-minded person). img-20160718-wa0001

Our friendship was blooming and then we were sent to Mumbai for an official trip, it was going to be our first trip of its kind. That Mumbai trip brought us even more closer from sharing our lives to sharing room together. The fun we had at Juhu beach, the shopping escapades of linking road, fun filled evening at hawaiian shack, late night vada pav cravings and those mall exploring sessions are those things which I can’t forget in this life anyhow. We went for an official trip and came back with a lot more, a friendship that flourished even more over the time period of 4 days.

That’s how it started for both of us, its been around 3 years of knowing her and I know her inside-out and of course she knows me even more. If I start counting the number of sleepovers we have done, I will surely run out of numbers 😛 . I feel like shutting all those mouths which utter that only childhood friendship is real, if we believed the same we would have never come this closer sharing tidbits of our lives and coming out to solutions to each others problem. She is extremely caring for me and surprises me with things I wish for. She’s has been my support ever since, if I have a problem she has the solution. That’s how it goes for us. Like everyone else, I have also seen tough times in life and she’s always been there for me.14355535_1209550045772578_6918220722441836929_n

When I am dull, she’s my strength, when I need a shoulder to lean and cry on she’s the one to offer me the best possible support. She’s getting married on 15th october, which is barely a week away from now and now I feel what my life will be without her. She made a list of wishes she wanted to get fulfilled before she gets married and I made sure they all come true to her. She wanted to explore a new city before her marriage and I took her to Udaipur, there were many other wishes which I helped her fulfil 🙂 .


There’s a temple called Govind Dev Ji here in Jaipur, she has been wishing to attend the mangla aarti which starts early in the morning around 4.30 a.m. I just fulfilled her wish when she came for a sleepover to my place yesterday night, we kept ourselves awake, got ready, booked a cab and reached on time. The smile I got to see while her last wish from the wishlist was getting tick-marked was so satisfying. For the bond we share, I would not care going extra miles to make her life even more happier. Like I mentioned, she’s getting married this 15th, I wish her love and luck in life . I hope she stays happy all life as she takes steps towards a new inning 🙂 .img-20160716-wa0046-2

Hey, Did I tell you that Zee TV is coming up with an all fun-filled show YAARON KI BARAAT where you’ll get to see celebrity friendships tested through several tasks and challenges. You can watch it from 8th October(tomorrow) at 8 PM. Being a bollywood fan, getting to know more about your favourite celebrity is like cherry on the cake. I am extremely excited to watch it. Are you?