keya handmade soap

Heya beautiful! I am sure you feel it too that the best way to beat summers apart from having fruits and summer drinks is definitely by increasing the shower count. I can stay in bathroom for really long until mommy starts shouting (that describes my situation the right way). No matter it’s the summer season or winter, what could be better than pampering our body with natural stuff? I am not a natural product-freak to be honest, but I love trying them out over chemical based products. Today, I am introducing Keya Bath and Body Works on the blog; it’s an online store selling handmade soaps in several variants. Keep reading to know what I have to say about their soaps 🙂 .ReviewwaliKeyaBBW002I received a pack of 4 handmade soaps from Keya Bath and Body Works-
1. Jasmine
2. Strawberry
3. Blackberry
4.Green tea and activated charcoalReviewwaliKeyaBBW003I was really surprised to know from the owner of Keya bath and body works that all of their soaps are made in their house’s kitchen. They have a huge variety of handmade soaps and they are priced differently. The price of basic soaps- Jasmine, strawberry and blackberry is INR 60/-, its marked INR 50/- here as this lot was made for an exhibition. The box in which these soaps came had a transparent lid and the lower part was printed with bright colors which made it eye-catching. As I opened the lid, I was SOLD!! Ahhhh that mix fragrance of all these soaps, a piece of paradise for sure. I was somewhat lost in the fragrance for 5 minutes 😀 .ReviewwaliKeyaBBW004ReviewwaliKeyaBBW005These soaps are individually wrapped with transparent wrapping sheet and stickers are placed on them as you can see in the pictures yourself. Out of these 4 soaps, green tea and activated charcoal soap was the only one that didn’t have much fragrance which is pretty obvious too, looking at the soap’s name. I had a doubt that layers of Green tea and activared charcoal soap might split, but to my surprise they didn’t until the soap was over. Rest 3 soaps filled my bathroom with their fantastic aroma and their fragrance lingered on my skin for an hour or so. These soaps lasted for more than a week on me, which I found pretty good considering the fact they are handmade glycerine-based soaps. They cleared off dirt and oil from my skin effortlessly without leaving any slippery feeling on skin surface and didn’t rip off my skin’s moisture. I am overly happy with the way these soaps worked 🙂 .ReviewwaliKeyaBBW008ReviewwaliKeyaBBW009ReviewwaliKeyaBBW007ReviewwaliKeyaBBW010Doesn’t matter if you are looking for a gift for male or female, such kind of soap box can be a great gifting option as these soaps are not made in a gender-biased way with masculine and feminine fragrance, they are all common. Be it a birthday, anniversary, baby-shower or any other occasion, you can pick soaps of your choice from their Facebook Shop and customize them accordingly 🙂 . For this price, 100 gm of handmade soap is surely worth a trial 🙂 . Have a great day ahead !