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“Hair fall”, a common concern for many, it not only plays with the outer appearance of a person but also lowers down the confidence level. Hair fall can be caused due to several factors including prolonged dandruff, infection, medicines etc. and ignoring it can lead to severe damage. Today, I am reviewing “Hair For Sure Hair Tonic” which was being used by my brother for the last few months for his hair fall. The name of the product sounds extremely promising. I saw its advertisement on TV and found it very intriguing as it was a product from Athena Life Sciences who are none other than the makers of so-effective D’free Anti dandruff lotion so I ended up suggesting this to him. The review I am going to share is on his behalf; keep reading to know more on the same 🙂 –ReviewwaliHairForSureReview001ReviewwaliHairForSureReview002Price- INR 800/- , buy it “hereReviewwaliHairForSureReview003About- Hair For Sure, featuring the Breakthrough Rutexil Growth Complex, brings together a broad spectrum of compounds delivering a high performance, clinically proven Comprehensive 4 Step performance formula to treat follicular dysfunction more effectively, stop hair loss and begin re-growth.ReviewwaliHairForSureReview004Ingredients-ReviewwaliHairForSureReview005My Take on Hair For Sure Hair Tonic- This product comes housed in a very attractive carton packaging. Inside is a good quality plastic bottle with high neck. It has a 3-layered cap and I love how the capping has been done for making it spill-proof and easy to carry while travelling. It comes with a transparent nozzle which is similar to that of D’free lotion and functions the same way. ReviewwaliHairForSureReview007ReviewwaliHairForSureReview008ReviewwaliHairForSureReview009For usage, you just have to twist it anti-clockwise and aim it to the scalp. Once done, close it by twisting it clock-wise.  It gives a good control over the quantity you are going to dispense so that you don’t end up taking more product than what’s actually required to suffice for the whole scalp. As instructed, 4 to 8 ml is good enough to cover up the entire scalp. It is instructed to be applied twice a day for visible results. First application should be done post bath and shampooing and the other before going to bed. Gently rub it with light hands as you are not supposed to give a harsh massage post application. It’s not that you can’t break the chain once you are following HFS routine but if you apply it religiously you’ll be witnessing the results early 🙂 .ReviewwaliHairForSureReview006It is clinically proven and claims to be the first brand to be approved by the World Medical Trichologists Association. My brother has been using this religiously for around 3 months now and has finished around 6 bottles so far. A 150 ml bottle lasts him 12-14 days with 2 time application a day. Yours may last long or short depending upon the quantity you are applying on a regular basis. He says it is best applied when the scalp is slightly damp. It has a slightly overpowering smell which hit nostrils hard when you start using it initially but after few usages you get used to it. During application he noticed tingling sensation, but it’s totally okay for one to experience. It’s not at all oily. On initial usage, he couldn’t notice anything worth mentioning. Few weeks later he experienced hair fall which was because the new growth cycle of hair follicles was beginning, it was when he felt panicked. This is the turning point for many, as people might consider this follicle shedding as a negative aspect and stop the usage which disables the growth and they are stuck up in the midway. But my brother continued usage in this phase too and after few weeks he could notice less hair falling and tiny hair growing up. He is continuing the usage even now and seems to be extremely happy with it. For shampooing, you don’t have to use something extra-ordinary, he is using his regular shampoo too 🙂 .ReviewwaliHairForSureReview0010One thing everybody who is concerned about hair problems has to understand is that neither hair fall happened overnight nor it’s going to be cured overnight. It’s a process that takes time and you have to keep patience, you won’t notice visible results in a matter of days. While you are repairing your scalp condition and wanting to grow your hair back, you have to understand that the performance of the product and your hair has to go through several stages and then only you can notice.

People might consider Hair For Sure pricey, but it is way cheaper than opting for serious hair treatments. The only con we could find about it is the presence of loads of chemicals.

*This review is totally based on my brother’s experience, however the results may vary from individual to individual.