garnier ultra blends royal jelly and lavender shampoo

Garnier’s all new Ultra-Blends range is creating a lot of buzz in Indian market at the moment, I was fortunate enough to spot 4 out of 5 of these newly launched shampoos from Ultra Blends range and picked them all 😛 . These shampoos are said to be blended with love and care as the ingredients are handpicked to be suitable for every hair concern. Today, I am reviewing Garnier Ultra Blends Royal Jelly and Lavender Shampoo; I have been using it for more than 2 weeks, keep reading to know how this fared on me 🙂 –ReviewwaliGarnierRoyalJelly001Price- INR 55 for 75ml, INR 120 for 175ml


About- When hair is weak and fragile, it’s prone to hairfall. Our formula is a blend with Lavender Essence & Royal Jelly, known to be rich in amino acids, vitamins and lipids. It helps reinforce and strengthen your hair. Discover hair that is strong and resists fall from 1st wash.

For the first time Garnier creates a potent blend of Lavender and Royal Jelly, one of the most concentrated actives with amino-acids, mineral and proteins which form the building blocks of your hair. Day after day, your hair is re-built and restructured from within and resists further breakage and hair fall. Run your fingers through your hair with no fear. Feel the difference from the very first wash !ReviewwaliGarnierRoyalJelly003Usage Instructions- Massage the shampoo gently onto a wet scalp and lather it up well. Rinse it off thoroughly for hair that is stronger and resistant to fall.ReviewwaliGarnierRoyalJelly006My Take on Garnier Ultra Blends Royal Jelly and Lavender Shampoo- Honestly, I haven’t been a fan of Garnier shampoos ever; they cleaned my scalp and oil well but gave me hairfall like a nightmare 🙁 . No doubt that I love their skin care range but hair care range for my hair type! a big NO. With the launch of Ultra-blends range I had a gut feeling that they are gonna be different, and in no time I picked the whole shampoo range except the mythic olive one. Keep reading to know it was a wise decision or not 😛ReviewwaliGarnierRoyalJelly002Let’s get into the review now; it comes in cutely designed flat plastic bottle with a brown colored flip cap. The cap has a leafy indent which makes it easy to open and of course look a bit more attractive. Carrying this bottle doesn’t cause a bulge in bag/handbag and since it shuts tightly making a click sound, the shampoo doesn’t spill at all 🙂 . All the required details about the product are mentioned on the front and back of the bottle. It smells uh-mazing, I find it the best smelling shampoo of the whole range for its sweet and pleasant fragrance. The USP of Garnier Ultra Blends range is that they are paraben-free 🙂 .ReviewwaliGarnierRoyalJelly005Garnier Ultra Blends Royal Jelly and Lavender Shampoo is basically designed for those who have hair-break and hair-fall issue. It contains natural extracts and claims to strengthen hair and reduce hair fall. The key ingredients of this anti hairfall shampoo are Royal Jelly and Lavender oil, before being introduced to this shampoo I had no clue about the existence of royal jelly 😛 . The shampoo is white in color and has slightly runny consistency if compared to other shampoos. The milky white texture might confuse you that it will leave your hair with moisture, but it doesn’t. It just adds shine to hair nothing more. I have used it on both oiled and non-oiled hair and it performed well at cleaning off my hair both ways, though for oiled hair I had to use more quantity of it. It lathers well and easily rinses off, my hair feel soft while I run my fingers. I don’t have the conditioner of this variant to follow up with, I just use the shampoo and happily it doesn’t give my hair a dry look. As a shampoo only, it tames frizz to a good extent. I have hair fall issue but I haven’t seen any major improvement having used this, maybe it’s too early to judge it on that ground in just 2-weeks usage.ReviewwaliGarnierRoyalJelly007So, this was all about Garnier Ultra Blends Royal Jelly and Lavender Shampoo 🙂 , I will try to put the review of other shampoos from Ultra Blends range as early as I can. Stay tuned! 🙂ReviewwaliUltraBlends001