garnier ultra blends precious herbs shampoo

Hello! Hope you all are doing well. I have been away from product reviews for quite a long time as I had some storage issues with my laptop but I’ll be posting reviews frequently from now on. Today’s review is about a shampoo from Garnier’s Ultra Blends range, I have reviewed 2 shampoos from this range already here and here. Keep reading to know how Garnier 5 Precious Herbs shampoo fared on me 🙂 –ReviewwaliUltraBlendsPreciousHerbs001Price- INR 55/- for 75 mlReviewwaliUltraBlendsPreciousHerbs003About- Modern life exposes your hair and scalp to pollution, dust and heat, making it weak and lifeless. The Ultra Blends paraben free formula is blended with 5 precious herbs – green tea, eucalyptus, aloe vera, lemon and henna which help discover hair that are nourished, healthier and revitalised wash after wash.ReviewwaliUltraBlendsPreciousHerbs006ReviewwaliUltraBlendsPreciousHerbs005My Take on Garnier Ultra Blends 5 Precious Herbs Shampoo-  It comes in cutely designed green colored flat plastic bottle with a golden colored flip cap. The cap has a leaf shaped indent which makes it easy to open. Carrying this bottle doesn’t cause a bulge in bag as it’s flat kinda. It shuts tightly making a click sound and I have never witnessed spillage . All the required details about the product are mentioned on the front and back of the bottle 🙂 . ReviewwaliUltraBlendsPreciousHerbs002

The USP of this range is that its Paraben-free. All the shampoos from this range are made for several hair concerns, and this one is basically meant to get healthy and bouncy hair. Garnier Ultra Blends 5 Precious Herbs Shampoo is made up of 5 precious herbs – green tea, eucalyptus, aloe vera, lemon and henna which promote the health of hair in many ways. I have short hair and a small amount of this shampoo is enough to clean my hair and scalp (if un-oiled) effectively, to pull out oil from hair I need 2 good washes. The color of the product is very light green, it lathers up well and is easy to rinse off; hair feels soft and smooth post usage. The fragrance is herbal kind of, I prefer fruity and floral fragrances but if you love herbal fragrance you’d end up liking it. I have tried the Soy milk & almonds variant and also the Royal jelly & lavender variant, and I found this one scoring below them as I couldn’t notice it giving my hair the much needed bounce. It didn’t give me hairfall but it couldn’t manage to do wonders too. I have tried using shampoo only for visible results and have tried it along with the conditioner of the same range too. And of course, it goes better and gives better shine and manageable effect when followed by conditioner 🙂 .

Though this range is sold with the “Paraben-free” tag, the product still contains SLS which is one such ingredient people like to avoid.

Here’s a swatch-ReviewwaliUltraBlendsPreciousHerbs007Have you tried out Garnier Ultra Blends 5 Precious Herbs Shampoo? Do you like it?