Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water

Having tough time finding a good quality makeup remover that is easy to use and takes off waterproof makeup effectively? Hate the greasy feeling on the skin post makeup removal particularly? If yes, then you’ve landed on the right page as this time here I am reviewing Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water, which is just the perfect thing for makeup lovers who are having difficulty getting rid of waterproof makeup. Here’s what I’ve to say about it 😊 –

Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water

Price- INR 399/- for 400 ml

Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water

About- The 1st oil infused Micellar Cleansing Water, powerful at removing makeup, even waterproof yet surprisingly gentle on skin. For the 1st time, Garnier combined its Micellar Technology with nourishing Argan Oil. The Micelles capture and lift away residue like a magnet, while the oils dissolve traces of make-up and nourishes the skin. Result: Skin is perfectly clean, nourished and comfortable.

Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water

Packaging- To begin with, Garnier’s micellar water is available in 2 sizes i.e. 125 ml and 400 ml. The big bottle is cost-effective but isn’t a good travel partner because of its bulky size. It comes housed in a plastic bottle and has flip cap which shuts tightly ensuring no-leakage.

Fragrance- No noticeable fragrance.

Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water

My Experience- Undoubtedly, the quality of this micellar water has made me a fan of it! You just don’t need anything else if you’ve to get rid of even the most stubborn waterproof makeup. You simply need to shake the bottle once and pour some of the product on a cotton pad, hold it against the skin for few seconds and gently start wiping in circular motions.

Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water

The thing I like the most about it is that it melts down makeup effectively within seconds as it is infused with oil, it also takes off every bit of dirt and impurity from the skin on no-makeup days. It didn’t cause any kind of skin irritation to me. Even though it contains oil it still cleanses face without leaving any greasy layer on the skin, which is the second best thing about it 🙂 .

The underlying purpose of micellar water is to give a no-rinse experience as the micelle molecules do their job of cleansing so effectively that you don’t need to wash your skin post usage.

Things I like about this-

  • Widely available
  • Decently priced
  • Melts makeup effectively
  • No harsh rubbing required
  • Gives no greasy feeling
  • Doesn’t irritate skin

Things I dislike about this-

  • There’s nothing to dislike about this product.
Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water

Ratings- 5/5

Wrapping it up- To summarize, Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Cleansing Water is my current obsession! I wonder how something can be so good and still be available at such reasonable price tag. While brands like Maybelline, Loreal and the likes are selling off their micellar waters for a similar price tag with a very small quantity, Garnier is definitely winning the battle considering price, quantity and most of all THE QUALITY. We highly recommend Garnier Micellar Oil Infused Water.