fuschia orange peel soap

Hello! I am truly madly deeply in love with handmade soaps, and I am back with a soap review. Guess what? It’s Fuschia again 🙂 . I have already reviewed their Cucumber detox soap on the blog few months back. Today I am reviewing Fuschia Orange peel handmade soap, keep reading to know more-ReviewwaliFuschiaOrangePeel001Price- INR 225/- for 100 gmReviewwaliFuschiaOrangePeel002About- Orange peels contain a wide variety of nutrients and phytonutrients that are very potent in healing many skin conditions.
a. Acne be Gone
b. Orange Peels for Skin whitening
c. Off with the blackheads
d. Say no to wrinkles
e. Tone your SkinReviewwaliFuschiaOrangePeel003My Take on Fuschia Orange Peel Handmade Soap- As per the soap name, it’s a bright orange colored soap which comes wrapped in a plastic packaging and covered with a paper pack that contains 2 labels, sadly none of the labels contains information about ingredients which is bit disappointing. It heavily smells of oranges, and the smell that comes out of it reminds me of orange candies I loved having during childhood (I am sure you had them too 😛 ). You can see in the picture it’s packed with orange peels from inside. During first bath, I couldn’t feel the chunks of orange peel much, but as the soap melted after one usage they popped up and the sides of soap turned into a grainy texture :D. It lathers up nicely and cleans my skin effectively. I love experimenting with my bathing products and trying out new stuff. I have tried a scrub soap earlier but that was particularly for knee-elbow-feet as it had harsh scrubbing granules, trying out a soap that turned grainy after one usage was a wonderful experience. The particles are very soft and give a mild scrubbing effect while bathing. The soap smells amazing during shower but the fragrance doesn’t linger on skin for even an hour. I don’t have acne problem so haven’t used this on my face but I believe it would be good for treating acnes as orange peels are very effective in dragging out impurities from skin. Handmade soaps are wonderful for skin but they tend to melt quickly, this one can easily last for upto 8-9 days.ReviewwaliFuschiaOrangePeel004All the products Fuschia makes are free from SLES and Parabens. No doubt their soaps are quite pricey, but they can be bought during promotional offers. The only problem I find with Fuschia soaps is that ingredients are not mentioned on them. I mean these days people are very much concerned about what they are putting on skin and missing ingredients list is something not everybody would like. Hope they start including ingredients list on their packaging soon.