Hey Gorgeous! Walking by the Forest Essentials store and how can you not fall in love with their ambiance, fragrance and all things beautiful. Sigh! Something about their products and store that attracts you and calls you to buy. Since Forest Essentials is a luxury Ayurvedic brand, the price is on a higher side. Today I am going to review the Forest Essentials Kashmiri Saffron and Neem Delicate Facial Cleanser. 

This is my second purchase as I have used this before (somewhere 2-3 years back) and loved it. I and my husband have an oily-acne prone skin and we were facing breakouts and that’s when I realized that I should use something that is delicate yet effective for my skin. I walked to the Forest Essentials store in DB Mall, Bhopal and bought it without any questions on my mind. 


This Kashmiri Saffron & Neem infused Delicate Cleanser gently cleanses your face to remove surface toxins, impurities and leave glowing skin after each use. Saffron has always been used in traditional formulations for glowing skin, along with Neem for purifying and deep cleansing.


Rs 1175 for 200 ml


The Forest Essentials Saffron and Neem face cleanser come in a brown hard paper kind of packaging. Inside lies a bottle with a black cap. The pump dispenser makes it easy to use and it dispenses a good amount of the product. The packaging looks so neat, classy and luxurious.


The texture of the face cleanser is neither too thick nor too thin, it doesn’t keep running. You just require a small quantity for your entire face. 


Ah! The fragrance of the Forest Essentials face cleanser is AH-AMAZING. It smells like Kesar/Saffron and it’s so refreshing. The best part of the fragrance is that the smell of Saffron is subtle and not over the top. It’s mild, gentle and very soothing. If you love sweet smell, you will definitely love it. My husband loves it too as the smell is not very Saffron-ish and smells exotic.

My experience-

Now coming to the effectiveness of the product. I have been using this for over 2 months now and this has changed my skin. I use it twice a day – one in the morning and then at night. It gently cleanses my face and makes it soft and supple. It doesn’t rip off any moisture whatsoever. My face feels hydrated and refreshed. It instantly adds that glow on my face. Since it has got the goodness of Neem, it has worked quite well on my pimples and acne marks. It has helped in reducing them down.  

Since you just require a small amount of product, the bottle will last long. Overall I am really happy with the product. It might be expensive for a face wash but if you want to invest in a good skin care product, this should be your pick. If in case you don’t want to spend on this bigger bottle, you can always buy the travel size first and then buy the bigger one. 

Things I like about it-

  • Loved the packaging.
  • Perfect for all skin people
  • Cleanses the dirt from the skin. 
  • Hydrating and makes the skin soft.
  • The fragrance is amazing and gentle.
  • Made of natural and organic ingredients i.e saffron and neem
  • Travel-Friendly. 
  • Works on acne and pimples too. 

Things I dislike about it-

  • A bit expensive for a face wash. 

Wrapping it up-

Overall I am in love with this face wash. It has become my HOLY GRAIL product as it’s gentle for my skin and takes off all dirt from the face keeping it supple, soft and hydrated. I will definitely recommend to people having acne issues and those having oily to combination skin. It certainly does help in reducing the occasional breakouts.