forest essentials floral makeup remover

If I could go back in time and change one thing about my skincare routine, I would have made myself understand how important makeup removal is and how religiously it has to be followed for a healthy looking skin. We love applying makeup, don’t we? But do we really care to clean its traces before going off to bed? Washing face at the end of the day is not everything as it doesn’t clean the pores properly, you have to put the makeup off completely. It doesn’t matter how many cosmetics you use daily, what matters is how nicely you deal with the skincare part post makeup-product usage.

I have tried few makeup removers in the form of micellar water, bi-phased solutions, wipes, creams etc.. Few months back, I was strolling around the Forest Essentials store and this Floral Makeup Remover caught my eye. That was the first time I saw an oil based remover, the idea of trying out organic oils for makeup removal kinda intrigued me and I picked it up without giving a second thought. Here’s how I found it 🙂 –Price- INR 750 for 100 ml. (Was INR 675/- when I bought it)About- This makeup remover is 100% natural with fresh organic oils infused with flowers and herbs to remove makeup gently and effectively. It is an important part of daily skin cleansing regime and is specially designed to deal with different makeup components. As the right application of makeup is important, in the same way removing the makeup in the right manner is equally important.

Ingredients-My Take on Forest Essentials Floral Makeup Remover- For those who don’t know, Forest “Essentials” is the pioneer in Luxury Ayurveda. Their products are 100% natural and chemical free, which makes them the perfect fusion of ancient recipes and modern technologies. Forest Essentials Floral Makeup Remover comes in the standard FE packaging, a plastic bottle with golden screw cap; so simple yet so classy. There comes a plastic stopper fitted on the mouth of the bottle so that the oil doesn’t leak. Ever since I have misplaced the stopper, handling it during travels has become a pain 🙁 .  Forest Essentials Floral Makeup Remover is a blend of pure and natural oils, including jojoba, sunflower, olive, wheat germ, jasmine and contains rose flower extracts too; so you can be sure that each use is going to add up to your skin. The mix of oils make this remover smell fantastic, I find the fragrance of jasmine overpowering the rest.

It can be either applied directly on the skin or by adding few drops on a moist cotton pad, I prefer it the latter way as applying it directly leaves a thick oily layer on the skin which goes away only after washing the face(which ultimately takes away the goodness of oils from the skin). It melts makeup within seconds, I find it best to take off waterproof eyeliner and mascara as not every makeup remover removes it with so much of ease. Since every usage requires barely 3-4 drops, this 100 ml bottle lasts a long time.

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