forest essentials panch pushp facial toner mist

The freshest flowers of Rose, Marigold, Bela, Kewda, and Saffron are steam distilled for their pure essential oils and the hydrating floral water residue is used for this intensely hydrating Facial Toner. As the name suggests this facial toner is made up of five flowers which have got ayurvedic properties to hydrate, tone and revive the skin.

I have always been a fan of Forest Essentials products. Oh-My-God, their products are luxury to your skin. No doubt Forest Essentials products are pricey and do burn a hole in your pocket but they are worth the money. This product by Forest Essentials is BOMDOTCOM. Oh My, the smell is divine and it instantly uplifts my skin and mood! Aha! 😉 Since it’s a unisex product, my husband is a huge fan of this. Instead of using as a toner he uses it like a face mist and absolutely loves it.Price- 50ml priced at Rs 400, 100ml priced at Rs 750 and 200ml priced at Rs 1275

About- Our pure and active water-based toners are made from floral, fruit and herb extracts essential to the Ayurvedic philosophy; to hydrate, tone and revive the skin. This hydrosol or floral water comes from the condensation collected during the steam distillation of flowers when extracting essential oils. The freshest flowers of Rose, Marigold, Bela, Kewda, and Saffron are steam distilled for their pure essential oils and the hydrating floral water residue is used for this intensely hydrating Facial Toner.Product Benefits- The Rose is naturally hydrating, Bela helps in retaining moisture, Marigold is toning, Kewda is softening and Saffron gives a glow to the skin.

How to use- Use as a toner after cleansing or just spray a pump whenever you require in a day. I generally use this during the night after cleansing my skin and at times whenever I feel my skin is bit dry I simply spray a pump and I can see the results in seconds. It works wonders.My Take on Forest Essentials Facial Tonic Mist Panchpushp- Forest Essentials Facial Toner Panchpushp comes in a square shaped plastic bottle. The bottle is dark blue in color and has a spray nozzle attached on top. The nozzle is further covered by a small plastic cap. It comes in three sizes – 50ml, 100ml, and 200ml. I have seen the first two sizes on Nykaa and the 200ml on Forest Essentials website. I have got the travel mini i.e 50ml. The packaging is compact, sturdy, spill-proof and you can easily carry it inside your handbag. The product details are also printed on the bottle. There is an outer packaging as well, that too carries the product information.

The toner is completely colorless and it looks and feels like water. Forest Essentials Facial Tonic Mist Panchpushp has the most amazing fragrance ever. Trust me if you are someone who loves the floral fragrance, you should definitely check this out. It has such a beautiful floral smell, which I guess is the combination of those 5 flowers. The fragrance feels luxurious. The toner is lightweight, totally non-sticky and is alcohol-free. Yay!The spray nozzle of the bottle works nice and only 2-3 sprays are enough to cover the full face and neck. I like to spray this during the night so that all the goodness gets absorbed in my skin. Since the face mist is alcohol-free, it doesn’t sting the skin. It provides a boost of hydration to the skin and also keeps the skin fresh. It has a soothing effect on the skin. I have been using Forest Essentials Facial Tonic Mist Panchpushp since 15-20 days now. It does add a subtle glow to the skin.  Apart from that, it doesn’t do anything to reduce pore size or fading spots. It is basically for hydration purpose and to keep the skin soft and supple. This facial tonic mist can be mixed with face packs or face masks to make them more hydrating. Overall it is a fab product.Pros-

  • The packaging is compact, sturdy, spill-proof and you can easily carry it inside your handbag.
  • It instantly hydrates your skin and makes it healthier.
  • It has this soothing aroma which instantly calms your nerves.
  • Ayurvedic properties of five flowers.
  • Alcohol-free and Paraben-free.
  • Good for normal to dry skin.


  • It’s on the expensive side.
  • If you are looking specifically for a toner, you can try other brands as well. I personally like it more as a mist than a toner.

Let me know if you wanna buy it or not? 🙂