the face shop ginseng mask

Every other brand nowadays is coming up with a sheet mask range of their own. Because of that, we are having umpteen choices available at present. I am biased towards The Face Shop 😛 , probably because they have a huge range plus, I like the results they deliver to me. I love hoarding sheet masks particularly, thus there’s always a pile lying in my stash. Today’s review is on The Face Shop Red Ginseng Face Mask, here’s how it fared 😊 –

the face shop ginseng mask

Price- INR 100/-

About- A mask sheet that is drenched with emulsified moisturizing serum and provides skin with a boost of energy and vitality. Enriched with red ginseng extracts, the all new Real Nature Red Ginseng Face Mask by Face Shop is here to transform your skin! The rich extracts with revitalizing properties, even tones complexion, removes dead skin cells and provides energy to the skin.

the face shop ginseng mask

Packaging- The Face Shop Red Ginseng Sheet Mask is a single-use mask, the mask sheet is light brown in color. It is drenched in serum and comes inside an easy-to-tear pack. It’s something that’s easy to carry while you’re travelling.

the face shop ginseng mask

My Experience- I do all my sheet masks before sleeping generally so that I get to see the real results in the morning. So, before applying this sheet mask I made sure my face was cleansed well so that it can penetrate well into the skin. You can apply it by unfolding it carefully and adjust it on your face, it’s designed in a way it fits the facial curves perfectly. It smells nice to me. I Kept in on for some 15 minutes, and then removed it. There was excess serum in the pack, I applied it on my face. In the morning I could clearly feel a well moisturized face with a shiny layer. In brief, Loved it! 🙂 This mask totally managed to bring life to my face.

As far as even tone claim is concerned, I don’t think any product can do that in one application. Also, guys please don’t keep your sheet mask on for more than 15 minutes even when it feels slightly wet as it dries up till then and starts absorbing the serum back from the skin.

the face shop ginseng mask

Things I like about it-

  • Priced affordably
  • Smells nice
  • Easy to apply
  • Nourishes skin
  • Skin appears healthy
  • Delivers shine to skin

Things I dislike about it-

  • There’s no such thing

Ratings- 4.5/5

Wrapping it up- To summarize, The Face Shop Red Ginseng sheet mask is good for quick results. Their masks are liked by all because they are economic, available in several variants, and can be bought online easily. You should definitely pick them up! 🙂