Heya!!! I am super duper happy as my June fabbag got delivered today evening. It was a bit odd to me as for the first time ever I received 2 of my fab bags within a week time 🙂 (June one was on time but the May one was badly delayed).  Read on to know what all I got and how much satisfied I am with this month’s Fab bag-


This month’s fabbag was not a regular kinda pouch that I have always got, it was a wonderful pouch. The theme for June month was- “Take Charge” and Here is an insight of what I got in my June fabbag-ReviewwaliJuneFabbag006
Inside every fabbag comes a small Fab-post an in-bag magazine that contains required information regarding the products sent in the bag along with offers that can be availed on the website while making full-sized product purchase.ReviewwaliJuneFabbag005A brief on what I got inside my June Fab bag-

1. Cuccio Colour- Manhattan Mayhem- While I was checking out the reviews of June Fabbag on my fellow blogger’s pages, I made a secret wish of getting a good coloured nail-paint that I can actually use. And the moment I opened the bag I was happy to see a red nail-paint because I love poppy colors and this is very much wearable for me. It’s a full-sized product which costs INR 675/-
2.Cuccio Naturale Butter Blend- Milk and Honey- This is a sample sized product, and I am disappointed with the size of it as well as the missing cap. 🙁 , I looked at it and I was sure there was something wrong with it. I mean how they can send something without a cap? The sticker on the back of the tube made me know that the price of this so very little tube of body butter is worth INR 151/-

ReviewwaliJuneFabbag0043. Votre Fresh Cooling Sun Protection Mist SPF 25- This is not exactly a full sized product because in the note its written that the full-sized product is 100ml, and what I got in my bag is 50ml which I consider to be a good quantity. The name of the product “Sun protection mist” sounds interesting with the inclusion of SPF 25, Summers aint over yet & I am gonna try it soon on myself and will be sharing the review soon on how I found it.

4. Ananda Spa Light Moisturiser for Normal to Dry skin- This one is a sample sized product that comes with a white lid to protect the product inside. I found the fragrance really amazing, it actually smells of roses, I sniff it and I am lost in some other world. There is not much information given on the packaging, no information regarding the quantity as well. I guess this is around 15ml tub.

5. All Good Scents Perfume- Rockstar- Okay! So this one again is a sample sized product which they have sent as a father’s day bonus 🙂 . The fragrance is very good, I made my brother test it on himself and he loved it. I got one more of AGS sample in my November fab bag I suppose, it was the yellow one “Love and joy” and I loved it like crazy. 🙂


Okay ! So this was all about what I received in my June 2015 Fab bag, I am not very much happy with what came inside this month’s bag. I expected more of make-up and it was 80% filled with skincare products.

What did you get in your June Fab bag and how happy are you with this month’s bag?? Do share in the comments below 🙂