Every month Fabbag has a theme and (since it was the beginning of New Year) they kept January’s theme as “The Beauty Resolutions”, Sounds interesting, no? I waited for fabbag reveal before subscribing mine to see how this month’s fabbag actually looks like. And mannn!! It looked so cuteeee that I couldn’t miss being a subscriber! On receiving it, I totally went mad over the pouch because of those cute makeup illustrations, fabbag team managed to read the mind of all the beauty product lovers out there. Believe me, it’s the best pouch so far. I have already shifted my cosmetics to it and it’s resting in my handbag 😛 . Well, for those who don’t know what “Fabbag” is, here is a brief introduction-ReviewwaliFabbagJanuary001About- FAB BAG (www.fabbag.com) is India’s largest beauty subscription service and preferred destination for online beauty shopping. With a monthly FAB BAG subscription, you will receive a bag full of beauty goodies that our experts hand-pick for you based on the questionnaire that you fill in at the time of signing up. We take great care to ensure that you receive different products every month and each month’s bag brings to you, not just some of the world’s best beauty products – but also a whole lot of love and happiness. Every month’s bag contains products of value more than twice of what you pay to subscribe and our promise is to help you discover beauty and makeup gems that you will love for life.ReviewwaliFabbagJanuary004

Price- INR 599/- per month.

Inside every fabbag comes a small Fab-post an in-bag magazine which contains required information regarding the products sent in the bag along with offers that can be availed on the website while making full-sized product purchase. This month’s Fabpost had some beauty resolutions listed.ReviewwaliFabbagJanuary003Here’s what all I got inside my January 2016 Fabbag-ReviewwaliFabbagJanuary0021. Votre Face Serum- This was the first product that I saw when I opened my fabbag for this month and guess what? It’s a full sized product of 12ml which is priced at INR 1670/- (With this sole product I got almost triple value of what I paid for subscription 😀 ) It’s enriched with virgin cold-pressed oil and herbal blends and claims to reduce fine lines and give brighter looking skin. It smells of roses, I am thrilled to receive it.ReviewwaliFabbagJanuary0052. Natural Bath & Body French Red Clay Face Masque- I got a sample sized unit of 20gms of this face mask by Natural Bath & Body which makes chemical free products. This is going to be my first encounter with this brand, hope it fares well. This tube will last for 3 applications I guess. The full sized product of 100ml is priced at INR 450/-.ReviewwaliFabbagJanuary0063. Natural Bath & Body Vitamin E Whipped Cream- Here’s another sample sized unit of 15gm from the same brand. It’s an ultra-light cream which comes loaded with the goodness of Vitamin E, argan and avocado oils. The full sized of 50ml is priced at INR 275/-.ReviewwaliFabbagJanuary0084. Seasoul Dead Sea Minerals & Botanicals Massage Candle- Well honestly, I didn’t read how it works and considered it to be just another aromatic candle. But Hey!! It’s not, it’s a massage candle which is to be lighted for few minutes, allowed to melt a little, and the melted oil has to be used for massaging skin. So innovative, isn’t it? I find it LUXE!! 🙂 It’s priced at INR 300/-.ReviewwaliFabbagJanuary0075. Fran Wilson Mood Matcher Lipstick “Green”- I got an email to choose my makeup product for this month and I found this mood matcher lipstick to be the best one for myself from all options given. It’s priced at INR 590/- , the bullet looks green but it goes bright pink post application.ReviewwaliFabbagJanuary0096. Fashionography Earrings- I also got a pair of ear-rings from fashionography which looks good. The quality doesn’t seem to be up to the mark, one pink heart came off and I had to glue it back. Not impressed much!ReviewwaliFabbagJanuary0010So, this was all I received in January’s fabbag. I am impressed with the mix of products they have curated. The total value of products I got is more than 2500 + which is way to higher than what I paid for subscription. The most appealing product for me this time is Votre face serum and Seasoul Massage candle as both of them are giving me the feeling of pure luxury!

This was about my January fabbag, how was it for you? Are you happy with the products you have received? Do share with me in the comments below 🙂 .