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Hey girls! Hope you are doing great, I am writing about Ethicare today. I have already reviewed their products on my blog including Lipz Moisturizer, Vizigly+ soap, Hydrofil lotion, Hydrofil cream and Hydromax cream. I love the fact that their products are rich in texture and go deep inside the skin to provide the much needed hydration and helps repairing skin. There was not even one point at which I felt their products are not worthy. Did you know that Ethicare is the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in India with 100% focus in dermatology and cosmetology? If not, you really need to expand your horizons. Ethicare Remedies was founded in year 2003 by Mr. Ilesh Khakkhar who is very enthusiastic. Mr. Ilesh Khakhkhar has had an outstanding career in cosmeceuticals markets for over 13 years, during which he developed a firm understanding of the complexities of cosmeceuticals markets. All products listed under Ethicare Remedies product catalogue are special in their own way, as the quality they provide considering the price tag makes them stand apart from others.

Today, I would like to share with you all lovely people a very interesting video that has launched just few hours back. It’s kind of a small story from the founder’s perspective. It’s basically on how pampered we are as a child and we always want that pampering to keep going; but while growing up, the idea of care and pampering gets lost somewhere. We enter different phases of life, with that comes responsibility and while being busy in the hustle-bustle of life, taking out “ME-TIME” for skincare and hair care is something that becomes unthinkable for most of us. But! There is someone who is conducting researches every now and then, who is investing his precious time in making products that can actually bring you closer to yourself.

What are you still waiting for? Come on, go ahead and check out the video yourself 🙂