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Today, I am reviewing Enega Brilliance Crème hair color on the blog in shade “Dark Brown”. It’s a product from Prem Henna, I have reviewed their SoSilk shampoo on the blog already. Keep reading to know how this hair color performed 🙂 –ReviewwaliEnegaHairColor001Price- INR 55/-ReviewwaliEnegaHairColor004About- Enega Brilliance is a nourishing permanent hair color. This is not just an ordinary crème hair color, but a superior quality, innovative hair color product. With benefits of argan oil and green tea extract, Enega Brilliance is a no-ammonia crème hair color, especially designed for smooth caring of your precious hair. This will help you sport a magnifique & gracieux look. This unisex hair color product provides not only 100 % long lasting grey coverage, but also bestows radiance & rich conditioning to your hair. Moreover argan oil & green tea extract in it ensure perfect nurturing of your locks while beautifying them.ReviewwaliEnegaHairColor002Enega Brilliance is available as do-it-yourself kit with a hair color crème tube, developer bottle, brush, gloves & instruction leaflet for hassle-free user experience. The added advantage is that this product is provided with Enega color protecting conditioner, which confirms prolonged stay of color on your hair. Enega conditioner adds shine to hair, while making them glossy & silky.ReviewwaliEnegaHairColor003It’s available in 5 shades-

Chocolate Brown, Natural Black, Dark Brown, Natural Brown and Burgundy

Ingredients-ReviewwaliEnegaHairColor005ReviewwaliEnegaHairColor006My Take on Enega Brilliance Crème Hair Color- Call me old-fashioned or non-trendy but I don’t like coloring my hair. Once I got some highlights done, and that turned out to be the biggest nightmare for me as it left me looking really weird. I am afraid not to try it again 🙁 . The review I am sharing today is based on my mommy’s experience with this hair color, she has long black hair but her hair roots are white, she colors them every few weeks to hide those white roots from showing up.ReviewwaliEnegaHairColor007This Crème hair color comes in an attractive (much better than the garnier one) cardboard packaging and inside lies several things including hair colorant, developer milk, hair color brush, conditioner, gloves and leaflet. Glove and conditioner is a normal thing but she was surprised to see the hair color brush as she didn’t expect that it can come inside a packaging this small. It comes with no-ammonia crème formula which means it is gentler on hair as compared to regular hair colors. The hair colorant is off-white in color and the developer milk is milky white as you can see in the pictures. You have to pour both of them in a mixing bowl and mix them up nicely and apply immediately, so that it works better. ReviewwaliEnegaHairColor008My mommy found the application part easy and experienced no itching or burning when she applied it on her hair roots. She kept it on for 30-40 minutes and washed it off using water and followed with the conditioner provided. The results were really amazing on her, she was extremely happy with how it performed. The color stayed on her hair till 2 washes post which it started fading off. Well honestly one pack of this size is not enough to colour all hair, but it you want touch-ups or work on your roots this pack can definitely suffice.   ReviewwaliEnegaHairColor009ReviewwaliEnegaHairColor0010Make sure you shampoo your hair properly before applying hair color, and there is no oily feeling on hair so that the hair color performs at its level best 🙂 . It’s always recommended to do a skin hypersensitivity test before going for full head application.

Here is the before and after picture to show you how it actually worked-ReviewwaliEnegaHairColor0011
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