elle18 wildberry

Today, I have a very common product to review which is “ELLE 18 Colour burst in “WILDBERRY WET”; most of you must have used it also. I simply loved its advertisements on television, they always evoked the girl inside me. 😀


Price- INR 120 for 4.3ml

You can buy it from Amazon.in here

Ingredients- Cocoa butter (It doesn’t come with an outer packaging so no ingredients list was found)

How to use- Apply evenly on lips and rub together for an even distribution and long stay.


My take on ELLE 18 COLOUR BURST in WILDBERRY WET- This lipstick comes in a very cute trendy packaging. Many shades of it are available; it gives you the perfect feel of being a girl. 😀

Its not a pigmented lippie, the tint is very light so dont expect it to show up, but yes it works well for soothing lips with moisture. Its very good for everyday wear. I am a lipstick hoarder, and love wearing bright colors. But Sometimes I like wearing shades that are close to natural touch, and this is the perfect thing for my clutch. I just noticed that the last sentence rhymed so well. LOL 😛

Texture is very creamy and it easily glides on lips and leave a shine, at the centre there is something in white, that’s what helps in moisturizing. It doesn’t feel heavy on lips, fragrance is MASHALLAH!!! At times I feel like licking it all over because of its look 😀

It’s my 2nd or probably 3rd purchase of the same lipstick same variant. And I want to admit that I just can’t stop buying it. Since this is very light shade I have put it in my ESSENTIALS to be used daily.


What I like about it-

  1. Cute packaging.
  2. Very very reasonable.
  3. Works well on moisturizing part.
  4. Leave a fine shine on lips.
  5. Staying power is good.
  6. Fragrance is YUMMILICIOUS.

What I don’t like about it-

1. I wish it was bit pigmented.

2. Definitely not for those who like bold colors.

Hope you found this review helpful.

Have a lovely day, Take care!!! 🙂