eeshha herbal kajal

Kajal is something I really can’t miss in my daily routine as I am scared to answer those questions people put on me trying to know if my health is okay 😀 . My love for kajal began when I stepped out of school and got those furry wings as I was about to step into a place where all I could imagine was freedom and no particular dress-code to be followed 😛 . I am always up for trying out new kajals, and today’s post is gonna be on a herbal kajal from Eeshha Herbal, read on to know more-ReviewwaliEeshhaHerbalKajal001Price- INR 115/-ReviewwaliEeshhaHerbalKajal002About- A special combination of precious herbs and pure Almond Oil for eye make-up. Helps to pamper the skin around the eyes and lends sparkle to the eyes. It won’t smudge, smear or fade after application.ReviewwaliEeshhaHerbalKajal003Directions to use- Apply to the edge of eyelids with gentle hand through Kajal stick.ReviewwaliEeshhaHerbalKajal004My take on Eeshha Herbal kajal- This kajal from Eeshha Herbal comes in a black twist up stick with a transparent cap with Eeshha written over it in white, I find the packaging very flimsy and it’s is very much similar to VLCC kajal that I think almost everybody would have used while starting up their kajal journey. The twist mechanism works absolutely fine and allows easy and safe twisting. The kajal doesn’t go inside completely and thus I have to be a bit cautious while putting the cap else I’ll ruin it myself someday which I don’t wanna do 😀 The text written on the transparent cap fades off with regular openings and closures.ReviewwaliEeshhaHerbalKajal005This kajal has a special combination of precious herbs and pure almond oil which is an added benefit making it herbal, the texture is very creamy and glides very smoothly. As per the pigmentation is concerned, one swipe doesn’t give intense black shade, however you can swipe more to build intensity 🙂 . This kajal is safe for waterline and didn’t cause irritation to me, it can withstand water and I love it for that. It stays put for like 2 hours but afterwards it tends to smudge. The tip of the kajal is pointed and when its new it can be used to draw precise lines, but after continuous usage the tip gets blunt and it makes it impossible to draw thin lines, Check the swatch of this kajal below, the first swatch is freehand single swipe, second one is with multiple swipes-ReviewwaliEeshhaHerbalKajal006What I like about Eeshha Herbal kajal-

  1. Budget Friendly
  2. Compact size
  3. Waterproof
  4. Doesn’t sting
  5. Doesn’t cause irritation
  6. Contains pure herbs and almond oil

What I dont like about Eeshha Herbal kajal-  

  1. Smudge free claim is not true
  2. Flimsy packaging
  3. The tip gets blunt after few usages and cannot be sharpened.

Have you tried anything from this brand? Which kajal is your HG? Do share in the comments below. 🙂

*Product by brand, honest review