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You must have heard of Pantone Colors somewhere or the other, BUT did you ever try knowing what they are? If I were asked what Pantone is, I would just reply that it was “Marsala” last year and “Rose Quartz and Serenity” this year 😛 . For a normal person this color system is of very less utility, but designers around the world consider it as their language of color. With Pantone, every color has a recognition. There are umpteen number of shades of every color which we are unaware of, we call all reds as red, pinks as pink, blues as blue but pantone has allocated names and numbers to colors for easy identification. It’s not that only pantone is considered as the color standard, there is RAL and Munsell too but Pantone is preferred more for color matching.pantone-formula-guide-solid-coated-uncoated-gp1601n

Today, I would be introducing you to DesignInfo which is an e-commerce website, a master distributor of fashion & textile magazines & color shade cards. DesignInfo is beneficial for fashion designers, interior designers, graphic designers, paint manufacturers in India. Keep reading to know more about DesignInfo 🙂 —243244453_1_1000x700_source-of-pantone-color-guides-design-info-mumbai

About- Design Info was inaugurated in December 2014 in India with the key motive to make online purchase of trend forecast books and Pantone / Ral Shade Cards simple for every Indian.

Now, I would like to tell you about the different categories of magazines they supply. They supply dedicated magazines for garments, footwear, accessories for men, women, kids; they supply magazines for architecture, house, garden, interiors and they supply textile view magazines too. That means, for any of your cravings for fashion and trend forecast DesignInfo is gonna be the answer 🙂 . DesignInfo sells several shade cards which not only includes Pantone, but also RAL and Munsell. In pantone you can find TPG, TCX, Formula Guide, Color Guide, Swatch Cards, in RAL K5, K1 & K7 and in Munsell their color and reference books. You can get Pantone and RAL plastic chips too. in case you need them. They also sell fashion, color and trend forecast design books like Prints and more, Arkivia, Texitura, Color & Byte, Minicool. CDs are provided along with them so that you can make use of the designs on graphic softwares like photoshop and illustrator. They also sell color devices like Pantone capsure and Spectrocolorimeter which is used by professional designers.ral-k5-gloss-213-colour-fan-deck-chart-classic-2016-edition

I hope after knowing what all they have in-store, the designers out there are sure to go excited. It’s the perfect answer to all your trend & fashion related queries, now you don’t need to worry about how you will get to know about the latest designs/patterns hitting market soon or forecasted trends which are expected to hit market. Not just online orders, they also take appointments for several cities in India and visit with their fashion/trend forecast books so that customers can view the entire book and then take their final decision about the order. You would be very happy to know that DesignInfo delivers everywhere in India. For the quickest possible delivery to their esteemed customers they have partnered with Bluedart and fedex so that the order reaches well on time. They accept several payment methods, so you can shop with them comfortably without having to worry.pantone-capsure

DesignInfo is a wonderful online destination for people who are into garment production and retail, textile printing and finishing, footwears, accessories, home textiles, tiles, wall papers, and similar areas. To keep up with the current and future market trends, designers have to be well updated with trend books and magazines so that they create designs that are going to be hit. As mentioned previously, DesignInfo offers a good range of print, textures and design books which can actually help out the budding designer in you to reach new heights 🙂 .

So, if you are someone from such areas, you should explore DesignInfo and make the most of it. You can check more about them here. Have a great day ahead!

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