clean and dry intimate wash

Cleansing vaginal area well is a matter of prime importance! Being ignorant about using vaginal washes for intimate care is something many of us are doing. Intimate washes ain’t about making skin fairer down there, but are about keeping the skin clean and fresh to avoid rashes and infections from developing. Soaps tend to cause imbalance in the pH level of vaginal skin, and intimate washes are made to soothe and care for it in a better way. I have used Everteen Intimate Wash in the past, Clean & Dry is the second brand that I am trying out. Here’s what I have to say about it 🙂 –Price- INR 150/- for 90 ml

About- Clean and Dry intimate wash contains essential goodness like aloe vera and other safe and gentle ingredients that clean and refresh like Aloe Vera that prevents itching and irritation, Mint Oil for relief from rashes and burning, Menthol for better protection and freshness, Vitamin B3 to eliminate dark pigmentation and Glycerine for gentle care. Its perfect pH Balance is gentle on ultra-sensitive skin.My Take on Clean And Dry Daily Intimate Wash- It has gel-like consistency and comes housed in a white opaque bottle with pink cap, the cap shuts tightly preventing leakage. It is priced economically and is available widely. Clean & Dry Intimate wash is available in 2 variants- gel and foam. I have tried both of them. I somehow felt that the foam-based wash looks fancy but with each pump it dispenses quantity which is more than required, so I zeroed in on the gel-based variant 😛 . It is supposed to be used in place of soap on the external vaginal area everyday during shower. You just need to take a pea-sized amount of it and apply it directly on the wet skin and gently clean it and wash it! It has a very fresh powdery kind of fragrance, I really like the fragrance this one carries, instantly lifts up my mood during those “messed up days of the month”. Best to be used during summers to keep sweat and bad odour at bay 🙂 .  It cleanses, freshens, protects but DOESN’T LIGHTEN !!! What makes me worry about its usage is the list of ingredients 🙁 . We fail to notice the germs creeping up on toilet seats with naked eyes, but it doesn’t mean they ain’t present. They can cause you harm and you should always be careful about intimate hygiene. If you are a public toilet user, you must pay heed to your intimate care. If you are sexually active you can use it before and after the activity, if you are having chumps you can use it during every visit to the washroom. I would like to recommend this to all the ladies out there looking for an intimate wash.

Here’s how it looks like-