chambor powder matte lipstick blackcherry

Lipsticks are a girl’s best friend, for me they are more like BFF 😛  Just can’t do without them! I have more than 40 lipsticks lying gracefully in my lipstick organiser, (Now! I Hope that proves my love for them). No matter how many lipsticks I have already, there is nothing that can stop me from hoarding more 😀 . Today’s review is on a bright colored lipstick which is one of my most loved lipstick from the house of Chambor. I am a lover of matte lipsticks and their powder matte range is something really try-worthy. The shade I am reviewing today is “Blackcherry” , keep reading to know my experience using it 🙂 –ReviewwaliChambor001Price- INR 645 (At present) , when I bought it the price was INR 595/-ReviewwaliChambor003About- An Innovative Formulated Lipstick which has both Moisturizer + Matte Effect in it. Powder Matte Lipsticks have a Non-Drying Triple Action Formula which:

-Bright bold perfectly matte.
-This unique powder matte lipstick provides high impact payoff; an ultra pigmented long wearing vitamin enriched formula glides on effortlessly with comfortable wear.
-Long wearing application.

ReviewwaliChambor002Instructions- Cover the entire lip area using the tip of the lipstick.

Tips- For well defind lips use a Velvette Touch lip liner.

My Take on Chambor Powder Matte Lipstick “Blackcherry” – This lipstick comes in a navy colored outer box packaging with price and ingredients related details written on the sides. I hope you understand that it’s not always possible to keep the outer packaging of lipstick but since I luckily had it I could’t miss adding its pictures 😛 . The ingredients list shocks me sometimes knowing what all odd things I am putting on my lips but who cares after all? :-/ Coming to the packaging, the wow-thing inside is matte but the lipstick tube is glossy. The logo is there on the top of the lid and shade number is written on sticker at the bottom, the brand’s name is written on the silver part of the lipstick as can be seen. 🙂 Earlier Chambor had kept velvety packaging for these powder matte lipsticks which used to gather dusty particles of my handbag 😛 and were not as appealing as these new glossy finish ones. Thanks to those who heard our secret prayers!ReviewwaliChambor006The shade “Blackcherry” is a gorgeous red color that would look wonderful on ethnic dresses. The color payoff is just excellent! Coming to the product experience, I simply love how good the formula is. Being a matte lipstick lover, the only con I face with most of the lipsticks is dryness. The triple-action non drying innovative formula of this lipstick helps me attain a matte lip look without having to feel dryness(which is caused by most of the matte lipsticks generally). With matte lipstick we have to make sure our lips are exfoliated and moisturised well before application so that the lipstick doesn’t make dry flakes noticeable. It stays on my lips for like 7 hours at stretch with slight snacking but if I am going for a full meal, reapplication is something I can’t miss. I feel that the wear time is praise-worthy considering the price tag and the quality provided 🙂 .ReviewwaliChambor005I love this  lipstick and I would suggest it to everyone reading this post, you can buy it right away without giving a second thought. Chambor Powder Matte “Blackcherry” would instantly brighten up your face and stay put for a good long time. If you are a bride-to-be and you’re looking for some reds to put in your wedding vanity kit, don’t you even dare to skip it as you won’t regret buying it even for a second 😛 . Hey it’s okay! You can come back and thank me later 😉 .

ReviewwaliChambor004Here’s a picture where I have swatched it on my hand once on left side and multiple times on right, hope that helps you out in knowing how beautiful the shade is in real 🙂 –ReviewwaliChambor007