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How I met my Best Friend?

Friends are life, and BFFs are lifeline, don’t you all agree? You can’t be as open as you are with a best friend if compared to a regular friend. For a person as particular as me, friendship is not about numbers but about quality. I don’t have “n” number of friends but those who I

Kareena’s Precious Anniversary Surprise

What do you think is the reason why people say that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Is it only because they are expensive and she feels she’s worth it? or she actually respects the unexplainable beauty of diamonds. Well, there is no specific answer to it but for sure there is an undying connection

Be a part of the change with CORVI LED lights

LED lights are not something extraordinary to hear or read about as they are in market since past few years but they are gaining more popularity now and with that buyers opting for LED lights over regular ones are growing in good numbers. Today I am going to review an LED light “Surface 6” from
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