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Ring Terminology You Must Know

Armed with details about jewellery, metals and diamonds, you can walk into any shop prepared to purchase a diamond engagement ring. And while you need to know this information when you’re buying “in person,” in a brick-and-mortar” or “on-ground” shop, it’s even more critical when you’re buying online. Understanding what goes into making a ring,

My HandiKart Wishlist

The true picture of Indian history, culture and tradition lies in Indian handicrafts, they are the perfect reflection of uniqueness and richness of cultural heritage of our country. Every state has something remarkable to offer, the beauty lies in the hands of artisans who work gracefully and put all their efforts in making these handicrafts with

Everything You Need To Know About Custom Engagement Rings

If you’ve been looking for your girlfriend’s ring for a while, you’ve probably seen so many different designs and styles, but yet nothing seems right. That’s because you can’t describe your girlfriend with a premade ring. Both she and your relationship are unique so you may want to think about getting your ring custom made.

M.A.C – Exclusively Available on Nykaa Now!

Every time I received an email about “Biggest Makeup Party”, I knew our loving Nykaa is definitely planning something huge 😛 . Little did I know they’ll be coming up with a news that would be this exciting! M.A.C, the brand that comes in top level makeup brands has finally joined hands with Nykaa. I

“DesignInfo” For all your trend-related cravings!

You must have heard of Pantone Colors somewhere or the other, BUT did you ever try knowing what they are? If I were asked what Pantone is, I would just reply that it was “Marsala” last year and “Rose Quartz and Serenity” this year 😛 . For a normal person this color system is of

Find Your Madness with HobbyGiri

“HOBBY” , a simple and small word with a meaning so deep! Hobbies are what makes you rediscover and reinvent yourself amidst the busy routine. Isn’t it just amazing how living an hobby can lift up someone’s mood in barely few seconds? Hobbies are considered extremely good for maintaining sound mental health. As a children

Gorgeous Dresses For Flower Girls

Picking the right dress for an occasion is something which looks easy and fun but isn’t in real, don’t you think the same? Let me admit, I always have tough time planning my outfit because it isn’t always possible to find the right outfit in budget. If something falls in budget it doesn’t really look up to

Trendy Outfit Inspiration From Designers

I am a big fan of fashion clothing and being a fan I love being updated with what new is hitting market and StyleWe happens to be one of my favourite online store as it features independent fashion designers who design and sell their high-quality creative outfits on StyleWe. The outfits displayed are to die for

Ways To Rock A Short Dress At Homecoming

Homecoming conjures up similar images throughout the country – fall, community revelry, parades, picnics, tours, alumni returning home, marching bands, the “big game” or “the crosstown rivalry” – but for many a teenage girl (and some random teenage boys), the focus is going to be on the iconic homecoming dance and the dress they’re going

The Long Skirt Trend !

I still remember my teenage days when I was a proud owner of 2 long skirts 😛 , though I always wanted to try out short skirts but I equally enjoyed wearing long ones. I didn’t even know the “F” of FASHION then 😛 and paired it only with tops, but NOW that I see
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