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India’s Yummiest Healthy Snacks For A Healthy Body

It’s extremely delicious to snack on wafers, patties, pastries, french fries, doughnuts and other similar food items but they are constantly increasing fat levels in our body and harming us silently. But should we really consume these unhealthy food items? Ask a fitness enthusiast and you’ll get a big NO in response. There’s no doubt with the …


Raleigh Caterer

In the large world of business it is hard to know exactly where to seek help when you have a huge event coming up and you don’t know exactly how you should start organizing it. Or even if you do, it’s not an easy job to take care of so many aspects and to foresee …

baker street

Baker Street- Health and Happiness in Every Bite

Food is something I am never bored of! I always find ways of discovering new food and trying it out (You never know when you’d find out your next favourite food, isn’t it? 😛 ). On one of my last trip to Big Bazaar I saw food products from a brand called “Baker Street“ which …

paper boat chilli guava gift box

Paperboat Drinks “Chilli Guava” Review

When I hear or read the word “Paperboat”, the first thing that comes to my mind is the first glimpse of paperboat drinks and how I felt the first time I saw it. I was on a casual grocery shopping and it was lying in an open display refrigerator along with tetra packs of several …

winkies chocolate walnut cake

Winkies Chocolate Walnut Cake- Review

I know you missed my posts and it was really nice to have some of my co-bloggers and readers connecting to me over social media asking my whereabouts 🙂 . I was completely sidetracked by few important things in life which were of course, of higher priority. While I was busy in all this, I …

winkies english cake review

Winkies English Tea Cake Review

I have confessed my love for food a lot of times and guess what? It’s time for a food post yet again 😛 YAY!! My last post was on Winkies Centre Filled Vanilla Muffin and today I am back with the review of one more delicious thing from their wonderful product range. Today, I am …

vanilla cake muffin

Winkies Centre Filled Vanilla Muffin Review

Being a big fan of Winkies, I couldn’t miss trying out their Centre-filled muffins which are widely available and I am pretty sure you’ll find them lying in your grocery store shelf. They are basically available in 2 flavors- Chocolate and Vanilla. Winkies Centre Filled Chocolate muffins have already been reviewed on the blog, check …

winkies centre filled chocolate muffin

Winkies Centre Filled Chocolate Muffin Review

It’s time for a food post again! People eat to live, I live to eat 😉 Oops! What I’ve just confessed? 😛 I love being carefree, and I love having everything that fancies me. I have a great liking for sweet tasting foods and muffins top the list! They are small dose of happiness and …

winkies swiss roll chocolate

Winkies Swiss Roll Chocolate Review

If you follow me on instagram, you must know my new found love is in Winkies #TheCakeSpecialist products. Winkies is a brand from Kolkata which has a huge range of cakes and other delicacies, the brand is not very much popular in other cities as their presence was quite limited but be happy as they …

chocolate cake with cashew

Best Lip-Smacking Christmas Cakes – Review

Celebrate the sweet things in life this Christmas with a range of delectable cakes. Cakes are not just served as desserts for the occasion, rather it can be given as Christmas gifts to friends and families. It is not just the cakes which matters but the decorations too which becomes the show stopping element for …