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6 Super Modish Ways To Style Your Kurti

Kurtis have always been an inseparable part of a girl’s wardrobe. There’s no denial to the fact how important Kurtis are and how they save you by giving comfort and style at the same time. This piece of garment has always been your savior when you had a doubt of what to wear. Fit for

The Confusion Of The Fashion Cycle – Are Your Pants Classic Or Modern?

Has your mother ever told you about how she wore the exact same dress in her time? Or you see all your old clothes becoming trendy again, making you wish you hadn’t thrown them out? This is because fashion runs on a twenty-year cycle, on average. While the cycle is very evident in Women’s fashion,

My Damselcode Shopping Haul and Experience

What do we need to turn up a basic look to a glamorous and classy look? The correct accessories, right? I am a fashion jewellery addict, especially about trendy earrings. No matter how many I already have, if something good catches my eye I make it mine 😛 . Local retailers have small jewellery range if compared to online stores, hence

7 Basic Wardrobe Essentials for Girls

There’s nothing that excites a girl more than “Shopping”. We girls love adding lots and lots of clothes and fashion accessories every new season to stay updated with the current fashion trends. There are times when we buy things on an impulse purchase, those things look good at once but end up taking the backspace

These Are The Pants All Fashion Bloggers Are Wearing

The current trend offers you multiple arrays of bottom wear with everything in comfort, from athleisure track bottoms to flared pants. So why just stay in your regular old skinny pair of jeans when the stores across are calling for all those amazing pairs of pants for you to be in. What are they and

The Changing Jewellery Accessorizing Trends in Bollywood

Yesteryear divas of Bollywood made million hearts skip a beat with their on-screen and off-screen charm. They were not just the personification of eternal beauty but also the style icons for many. Their followers made it a point to wear similar sarees and put on glittery jewellery pieces from tip to toe. But, the trends

Why Silver Is Jewellery’s Most Versatile Base Metal

For what appears to be nearly 10,000 years, the base metal silver has been used as currency, and, critically, as adornment jewellery. Silver is sought after for its brilliance and shine and its compatibility with any skintone or any combination of clothing. Of all the colours of the rainbow, silver can be added to any

Triveni Ethnic Meet- Jaipur 2017

Jaipur doesn’t have much to offer in terms of blogger meet-ups, I envy peoples based out of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore for the same 😛 . Those who follow me on Instagram would surely know that I finally attended a blogger meet in Jaipur which was conducted by Triveni Ethnics.  Last year also I received

Ring Terminology You Must Know

Armed with details about jewellery, metals and diamonds, you can walk into any shop prepared to purchase a diamond engagement ring. And while you need to know this information when you’re buying “in person,” in a brick-and-mortar” or “on-ground” shop, it’s even more critical when you’re buying online. Understanding what goes into making a ring,

U-Design 2016 Winners Declared

U-Design 2016, a global ethnic wear design competition by Triveni which saw it’s third installment this year came to a close. The competition was marked by vivacious participation of young designers from premiere design schools and fashion enthusiasts who were keen to put their design ideas to test.The competition started in mid August 2016 when
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