Few days back it was my best friend’s birthday, and I started planning for it well in advance. Since birthday comes ONCE IN A YEAR (I know I am not writing anything new, we all know that :P) I didn’t want to get a simple or sober gift for an occasion like that, So I was hunting to arrange something fun and unique. 🙂

I searched on net about some awesome B’day gift ideas and in most of the posts I saw that the post-writers were suggesting to go for designer cakes , the idea impressed me and in no time I started looking for the best bakeries in Jaipur. Since we have so many bakeries here, I took the contact numbers of the top-notch ones and called them up regarding my query as to what all designs they do offer and what is the per pound cost they charge.

I even visited some bakeries to have a look at their cake-book , Liked some deigns very much BUT to my surprise they all said almost the same thing that if I want to go for a designer cake I have to go for a minimum weight of 4-5pounds at least otherwise the proper design will not show up. I wanted to go for a smaller size which could cost me a bit economical too. And after hearing that minimum 4-5 pound wala reply I felt shattered as with this kind of response I just couldn’t go ahead with my gift idea. My friend’s birthday was on next day and it was 9.30 P.M already , I was all tired and thought it’s better to go back home and think about something else. I was on my way back home Annnnnnd then CAKE WORLD happened. 😀 They are not big bakers but yes they do have multiple outlets here. They sell some very good snacks and I have tried them myself.logo_cakeworld

I thought why not to give them a try maybe they have some designs that they can offer in lesser pounds and at a bit lower price. I entered their outlet and I met the person out there (Don’t remember the name) and asked him to show me the designer cake book, TRUST ME ! Out of all the other cake bakeries in Jaipur that I particularly visited, CAKE WORLD had the most number of attractive designs. The designed I liked the most was of a Beer Mug which I found something very classy to be gifted on such special day. I asked the guy at their outlet about the minimum pounds required for the BEER MUG design to be made, and he told around 3 pounds. I asked him if it is possible to get this one in 2 pounds, and surprisingly he said YES !! 😀 I was flying high in the sky. I made an order for it and he said I can pick it up from them in morning which was like cherry on the cake. 🙂cakeworld1

They were true to words and made my order ready on time, & I picked it up in morning and all I could say was WOW !!! 😀 cakeworldMy friend loved the cake as it was made to perfection, the design the quality everything was superb.
My experience with CAKE WORLD was awesome. So for me, They came to RESCUE when I was feeling helpless. 🙂

Have you ever got or gifted any designer cake ? I would love to read your experience. 🙂

** I was not paid to write this review, this is my personal experience with them **