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Gifting has always been a deeply rooted part of our traditions. It is a beautiful way of expression of love, care, affection, gratitude and respect . Gifting makes special occasions more special. When it comes to gifting to your friends or family, it’s not very difficult. You know their preferences, their choices, their needs, their likes and dislikes and everything. You can almost read their minds and gist them what they desired for! But what about corporate gifting? It isn’t pretty similar or easy. You wouldn’t want to be too under the limit or cross the lines as well! It takes much of brainstorming. Well here is something which might ease the task of corporate gifting for you. can be your one stop solution for corporate gifting of all types 🙂 –

So here’s a quick review of the site dedicated for corporate gifting. Read more, learn more 🙂 –First Look- First impression marks a deep impression on your mind. And any website is no different. Well the website looks a little formal at its first appearance, justifying its name. Though not very attractive or colorful, it tries to put in everything on the very first page itself.

Products Offered- The products Offered are of varying range I must say. They have it everything one might to have as a corporate/ formal gift. From semi-formal stuff like T Shirts to entirely formal things like pen Drive and power bank, they include it all. Speakers, Passport holders, brass water bottles, headphones, fit-bit, home kitchen or utility items, they offer everything.

Why brandedcorporategift?- In the world where we have millions of websites offering same product, how is this website different from the rest? Well the website is specifically designed for the corporate gifting. You may want to include a personal message or get it personalized as a whole, they offer everything. With a little extra payment done, one can always get their gifts packaged as well. So your gifts are just ready to be given. Above all, the prices offered here are too good, yet true! Although there might be some minimum order quantity specifications for some products, not all. The price is negotiable too, depending on the quantities ordered. More the merrier! So this gives you a feel of standing tight in the market personally picking up gifts for your corporate family! Sounds great, doesn’t it!

Prices- We all want the best pick in our budget, don’t we? Well speaking of the prices, here are a few examples to give you a comparison if the price difference between this and rest of the sites. Unisex Puma T Shirt, ordered for a minimum quantity of 100 costs you INR 599 of which the MRP remains INR 1299. Similarly a Honeywell car air purifier would cost INR 5400 for minimum order of 10 units only, of which the MRP is 7990! That is quite a deal!!!

Brands Offered- The website offers quite number of good brands. MI, Puma, Fuzo, Honeywell, Wildcraft, Procter etc. Hence one can be assured of the quality they offer. Overall such good brands at such negotiable prices is a great deal!

The idea of gifting isn’t naive. But gifting with a new idea is the thing of the day! Gift your corporate family something that falls in your budget and meets their expectations too! The deal can be grabbed easily at . Happy Shopping Guys! 🙂

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