biotique bio almond lip balm

Chapped lips are a bad sight! The worst enemies are frequent sun exposure and seasonal change. They take a toll on skin and I hope you all agree that lips are the one that suffers the most. I just can’t do with one lip balm at a time, I am a proud “lip-balm-hoarder” and keep them in several places to make sure they are available for giving my lips a quick dose of nourishment whenever needed. A few months back I picked some products from Biotique, including their Bio Saffron Dew Youthful Nourishing Day Cream, masks, and lip balm. Today, I am jotting down my experience using¬†Biotique Bio Almond Overnight Therapy Lip Balm. Here’s how it fared ūüôā –¬†Price- INR 175 for 12 gmAbout- This soothing balm deeply nourishes and fortifies lips. Tone, texture and firmness are unproved overnight.Features:

  • Makes lips soft and smooth
  • Moisturizes dry and chapped lips
  • Organically Pure & preservative free
  • Dermatologist tested for safety, no animal testing

Smooth on and around bare lips each evening before¬†bedtime.Key Ingredients & Benefits:¬†Almonds are the earliest and most nutritious of the entire world’s nut crops, rich in soothing Vitamin E and other antioxidants known to improve and protect the complexion. Useful in treating eczema, pimples and blackheads.

My Take on¬†Biotique Bio Almond Overnight Therapy Lip Balm-¬†It comes housed in a white plastic tub with a¬†green colored screw cap. There lies a lid on the mouth of the jar(but I believe it’s useless considering the texture of lip balm).¬†Biotique has recently revamped their packaging and the new packaging looks way better than the previous one. The quantity¬†provided is 12 gms which is way too much when compared to other lip balms that we have in the market. You need a very small quantity of it for each application, and the tub is sure to last for a good long time.Biotique Bio Almond lip-balm is golden brown in color and contains shimmery particles(for I don’t know what). I started using it this winter itself and it helped in repairing the damage cold harsh winds left me with, I had chapped and painful lips and on continuous usage of this lip balm 2 times a day, I started noticing a visible difference. Almost 71% of this lip balm is beeswax which is well known for its conditioning properties, plus it contains oils like Almond, castor, surajmukhi, kusumbhi and til which add up more goodness to this lip savior product. It smells a bit like pain relief balm which might be disappointing for some of you. I use it as a night care product so that it sits on my lips overnight and work better.Have you used¬†Biotique Bio Almond Overnight Therapy Lip Balm? Do you like Biotique as a brand? We love to hear from you, Do share with us in the comments section below ūüôā .

LIP CARE TIP- Don’t lick your lips, the touch of saliva feels soothing at the very moment but in actual¬†dries them up more.