chocolate cake with cashew

Celebrate the sweet things in life this Christmas with a range of delectable cakes. Cakes are not just served as desserts for the occasion, rather it can be given as Christmas gifts to friends and families. It is not just the cakes which matters but the decorations too which becomes the show stopping element for everybody. For more help, you can even browse through several Christmas cakes online to understand what is in trend. In this particular blog I have carefully listed down some beautiful Christmas cakes which can be served during Christmas :-).

I have listed down the most preferred variety of cakes that are usually served during the occasion of Christmas. My list contains both the traditional and the modern picks for the occasion-

1. Plum Cakes


Plum Cakes are the traditional desserts which are served during Christmas. Although you will find several types of cakes online but in the traditional Plum cake, the dry fruits are soaked in rum and then is used while baking the cake.

2. Red Velvet Cakes-


The Red Velvet Cakes have also gain popularity to be served as desserts for Christmas because of the symbolism it bears to the color red and white. Although it is as delectable as any other cake that you might have planned for Christmas. But you have to be a little careful while ordering Red Velvet Cakes because not everyone gets it right.

3. White Cake with Cranberry filling


This cake will surely be a melt in your mouth and will also be the biggest hit of your holiday meal. Your guest will surely be begging for an extra slice till the end of the Christmas party.

4. Cupcakes


You can also look for these mini cakes which can either be topped with cream or can be personalized with a Christmas tree or Santa’s face to make it the most ideal form of sweet treat to be served during Christmas. You can top it up with your favourite customization too. Christmas cupcakes are a big hit among kids and are enjoyed by the adults too.

You can enjoy the assortment of indulgent cakes for your next family get together during Christmas. After all there is nothing more festive than these marvellous Christmas cakes. These are just some of the varieties that we have listed down, however there are more than this too. For more such varieties, stay tuned to the blog 🙂 .

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