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LED lights are not something extraordinary to hear or read about as they are in market since past few years but they are gaining more popularity now and with that buyers opting for LED lights over regular ones are growing in good numbers. Today I am going to review an LED light “Surface 6” from Corvi, read on to know more-

About Corvi- Dedicated to the pursuit of efficiency. A research and development major in the realm of LED lights, Corvi sees efficiency as a measure of creativity based on precision, determination and imagination. After all we consider technology to be a central extension of the human enterprise. Our brand has its roots in an organization that has been developing high end technologies used for electronic studio flash lighting. This very precise need for light requires as intricate engineered technology. One has to blend two dimensions by understanding art and interpreting science in order to achieve results.


My take on Corvi LED Light Surface 6- This is basically a very light-weight LED light, which is flat in size and apt to be put on ceilings and walls. There are two holes on the sides of the lights. A small sealable packet comes with this light which contains 2 screws making it hassle-free for you to get it on your own. It looks pretty small in size but the light it emits is truly remarkable. It comes with a warranty of 5 long years; however life expectancy of it is 50 years. Isn’t that incredible? LED lights might cost you heavy at the time of purchase but one awesome fact about them is that they not only cut-down your electricity bills but also can last for decades 😀Surface

LED lights are efficacious as compared to incandescent light bulbs and CFL bulbs, they instantly brighten up the place they have been installed at in a matter of second and save the energy consumption. They have their unique qualities-

Light weight and sleek- As I have already mentioned it is very light in weight and has a sleek design which not only looks pleasing to eyes but fits the surface area very beautifully

120 lumens per watt- Lumen is the measure of total amount of light emitted by a source, getting more lumens per watt simply means your money is well invested. This LED light from Corvi emits 120 lumens per watt which is totally outstanding.

Inbuilt driver- It comes with an inbuilt driver which helps in controlling the amount of voltage and current supplied. If a light doesn’t have a driver it directly impacts its lifetime.

5 years Warranty- Corvi makes high quality LED lights which offer a 5 year warranty which is a good long time for a light to serve.

Dimmable- One amazing thing about this light is that it’s dimmable, which gives you the control over the amount of light. You can connect it with your fan regulator and gain control over it.

50 years life expectancy- As already mentioned the warranty of this light is 5 years, but there is an expectancy of them lasting for 50 years. They can last anytime between 5 to 50 years, isn’t that great?

90% Energy saving- LED lights from Corvi helps you in saving 90% of the energy you have been consuming through bulbs and CFLs. No doubt that you have to pay higher as compared to regular bulbs and lights at once but you will surely be reaping the benefits for decades.

You might be hearing about LED lights too, I just switched to LED its your time now. Make a bold move & try being a part of the change, it won’t only give you better lighting but also will be helpful in cutting off your electricity bills. 🙂 Check more about Corvi LED lights by clicking “here