Bblunt Repair Remedy Conditioner

Keeping your mane healthy isn’t an easy task. Most of us don’t bother applying heat protectants before styling our hair, many would simply ignore caring for chemically treated hair. There are umpteen number of reasons that give us hair fall, the best we can do is care for our hair and choose good products or DIY treatments. I shared my review on Bblunt Repair Remedy Shampoo few days back, now I am jotting down my review on Bblunt Repair Remedy Conditioner. Here’s how it fared, I hope my review helps you out 😊 –

Price- INR 450/- for 200 gm

About- Made with a special blend of Keratin and Argan Oil, this conditioner is perfect for coarse, brittle and damaged hair that needs a bit of love. Hair looks shiny, feels soft and smooth from root-to-tip. The ideal fix for your hair hangover! Helps dry, damaged hair get back to life. Specially created for Indian hair. Colour protect.

Packaging- Bblunt makes the cutest conditioner bottle. Their bottle is the most adorable conditioner packaging I have ever come across. Bblunt’s Repair Remedy range is coded RED. It’s an inverted bottle with thin flip cap which fits the groove properly and doesn’t cause any leakage. The material of the bottle is very soft, thus it makes squeezing out the product very easy.

Fragrance and Texture- This conditioner smells good to me, nothing too overpowering at all. It’s white in color, creamy in texture. It spreads easily on hair because it’s not very thick.

My Experience- My hair are not chemically treated but they are excessively dry and damaged otherwise. I squeeze out excess water from the hair once I am done shampooing, and apply this conditioner evenly on hair strands. I leave it for some 2-3 minutes so that it works the best way 😛 and wash off at the end with cold water. The fragrance lingers on for few hours and eventually wears off. The results I get are quite satisfactory, it nourishes my dry hair without making them greasy and also surprisingly tames frizz to a good extent. It contains 2 super good ingredients namely keratin and argan oil. It performs even better when paired with shampoo from the same range particularly 🙂 .

Things I like about this-

  • Available Widely
  • Travel friendly
  • Smells good indeed
  • Nicely nourishes hair
  • Adds life to mane
  • Contains keratin and argan oil

Things I dislike about this-

  • Price is high

Ratings- 4/5

Wrapping it up-  In short, Bblunt Repair Remedy Conditioner performs well at nourishing dry and damaged hair. Though it’s priced a little high for a conditioner it tames frizz in my hair to a good extent. Conditioners are meant to nourish and condition your hair, so make sure you avoid putting conditioner on your scalp. Applying them on scalp may cause you problems you would never want to face.