city palace

No matter how busy you are, a vacation is a stress-buster and much-needed therapy to rewind yourself. I hear the word “Vacation” and I am the first one in my family to pack my bags 😀 , yes that’s so me! For a girl like me who looks for happiness in tiny things, a vacation is a BIG bundle of joy I tell you. Be it, friends or family, I make sure to make the most of every vacation I go on. I haven’t got a chance to visit abroad yet, but I have taken few good domestic tours which are just not getting off my head anytime soon. The best thing about being on a vacation is that you return home not just with new experiences and joyous heart but also with unforgettable memories.

It takes a lot to plan a vacation and there are umpteen numbers of factors involved including budget, right season, meal plan etc which should be kept in mind before we finalize the place we plan to visit. The travel story I am going to share today is from my trip to Udaipur, it was a 3-day family trip to Udaipur and Chittorgarh. The lake city (Udaipur) is well-known for its history and culture, paying it a visit was in our mind since a long time. Chittorgarh is 120 km from Udaipur so we covered that also during our Udaipur trip 🙂 .city-palace-head-321Day 1- We boarded the Spicejet Airlines flight from Jaipur Airport around 8 A.M and reached Udaipur in 55 minutes. Then we checked-in to our hotel which was about 20 km away from the Maharana Pratap Airport. We chose to stay in the heart of the city to explore it the best way possible. We booked a private cab from the hotel to do local tour with comfort and decided to hit the most famous spots of the city first. We started off our day by visiting City palace which is on the banks of Pichola lake, then on the same day we covered up popular spots like saheliyo ki bari, moti magri, Jagdish temple, Dudh Talai and ended up the day by visiting Fatehsagar lake which is also known as the Marine drive of the lake city 🙂 . A day well spent!amazing-fs-7Day 2- On the next day, my mom-dad planned to pay a visit to the temples nearby. We started off with Eklingji which is around 20 km from Udaipur city, next we moved on to Nathdwara which is about 30 km from Eklingji. Then we moved on to Rana pratap museum which was located 20 km away from Nathdwara. The museum is very nicely built and takes you through the life of maharana pratap, they sell rose preparations made of fresh roses planted there. While we were returning to Udaipur, we saw a handicraft fair and couldn’t resist going inside. From there we picked juttis and some other souvenirs 🙂 . We wanted to shop a little so the cab driver dropped us at celebration mall, we loved the architecture of that mall, it looked like a beautiful palace.69307957

Day 3- The last day of the trip was dedicated to Chittorgarh city since it was barely 120 km away from Udaipur we hired an out-station cab. We checked-out from the hotel in the morning around 7 A.M and reached Chittorgarh around 10 A.M (Including a breakfast halt). The fort out there is way bigger than I expected but not taken care of nicely, it’s not preserved well if compared to the other forts in Rajasthan. The names of tourist places here will take you back to your textbooks where there was a mention of Maharana Pratap and chetak, we visited Vijay stambh, kirti stambh, kalika mata mandir, padmini palace etc and found ourselves living in the pages of history. The very same day in the evening we came back to Udaipur with the same cab and took our flight back to Jaipur.chittorgarh-head-114A well-planned trip is a key to joy, make sure you plan your vacation well in advance to make the most of it. In these 3 days I probably lived up the best days of the year, the experience was totally unforgettable. Even after belonging to Rajasthan, my urge for all things culture-based and historical never calms down 🙂 .

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